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24. August 2018

Balancing the life between professional handball and testing software

Maibritt Kviesgaard is a part of an agreement between WorkPoint and Team Esbjerg. Earlier this year, former professional handball-player and right wing for Team Esbjerg Maibritt Kviesgaard has worked as a software-tester at WorkPoint. Even though it might sound as quite the mismatch. There do exist some similarities between the physical and intense game of handball and the complex and digital world of IT. Learn more in this article:

When Maibritt Kviesgaard is on the court as a handball-player it often involves blood, sweat and tears. It takes a lot of dedication and passion to reach the top and become a full-time professional. Therefore many players dedicate themselves 100% to the game. However, a lot of players also focus on a career outside of handball and try to balance between professional handball and creating a business career.      

For the past 10 years, Maibritt Kviesgaard has worked as a professional handball-player. She has throughout her career played more than 100 games. Which include the Danish national team and on several top-teams in Denmark such as, Team Esbjerg, Kolding IF, GOG, SK Aarhus and FC Midtjylland. While at her most recent club Team Esbjerg, she joined the software house WorkPoint as a system tester. Even though, it might not seem as the best fit, it has still been a great fit for Maibritt Kviesgaard.  

“It is actually quite the coincidence that I ended up as system tester, as I wanted to find something that supported my education as physiotherapist, but this position fits perfectly with both my schedule and personality. The flexibility allows me to adjust my schedule to games, practices and more, while the planning aspect as a tester allows me to both structured and systematic”. – Maibritt Kviesgaard

Similarities between professional handball and IT

In the beginning, understanding the WorkPoint system quickly became the biggest challenge. But fortunately, Maibritt has always been very tech-savy when it comes to Iearning new systems and programs. This especially comes in handy, when operating in the worlds of WorkPoint, SharePoint Online and Office 365.   

“It has been challenging understanding the system as there are a lot of different and complicated functionalities. However, I do understand the process. By following a test-plan, I can always see that I need to get specific results or if something does not add up”.

According to Mai-Britt Kviesgaard, there are similarities between the two professions:  

“As a handball-player, we have to learn a lot of different offensive and defensive systems in order to get our team to perform at the highest level. As a software tester, you can apply the same mentality as it is also necessary to learn different systems in order to get the product to function at the highest level

A new network and future opportunities  

For Maibritt Kviesgaard, the job experience at WorkPoint has defiantly opened some new opportunities. During her stay, she has met a lot of interesting people within the field of testing, which has greatly expanded her network connections.  

“Even though, I have learned a lot of new technical skills as tester. I am most excited about expanding my network with new connections. As a handball-player, most of my network consists of people within sports, so it is great to have met people within a different business area”.

She also adds to this, that the experience has opened her mind about what job direction she is going to pursue.   

“I am still following my education and pursuing my dream to become a full-time physiotherapist. However, my experience at WorkPoint has opened my eyes towards new job directions and I am defiantly open to test my newly-appointed skills in a full-time job within the area of IT and Software”.

For further questions about the article, please contact head of marketing at WorkPoint, Rolf Christiansen at or +45 30800370