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WorkPoint A/S har brug for de kontaktoplysninger, du giver os, for at kontakte dig om vores produkter og tjenester. Du kan til enhver tid afmelde dig fra disse meddelelser. For information om, hvordan du afmelder dig, samt vores fortrolighedspraksis og forpligtelse til at beskytte dit privatliv, bedes du læse vores fortrolighedspolitik.

Minimer risikoen for udvikling

WorkPoint 365 gør det hurtigt og nemt ved at opbygge modulopløsninger – uden udvikling eller kodning.

Fremtidssikker forretningsløsning

WorkPoint 365 strukturerer data via SharePoint og broer til Microsoft 365 – Som et resultat modtager du en sømløs og fremtidssikker cloud-løsning.

Høj grad af regeringsførelse

Sammen med den automatiserede klassificering og arv af data sikres tilsyn og kontrol, hvilket gør det muligt at skalere WorkPoint 365 til en virksomhedsløsning.

Intelligent arkivering og journalisering af mails

WorkPoint gør det hurtigt og nemt at arkivere og journalisere mails. Ved at integrere et træk og slip-funktionalitet kombineret med et intuitivt søgeværktøj sparer dette brugere i mange timers systemering af deres mails.




Our vision

“WorkPoint is committed to becoming a global leader in developing IT solutions that evolve how businesses share and structure knowledge.”

Our mission:

“To create long-term relationships with partners and customers based on high levels of trust and competence.”​

“Working with the latest future-facing software technologies.”​

“To create a workplace for people with initiative, enthusiasm, and energy – who want to be at the forefront of development”​

“To contribute to the expansion of an information-driven society.”


We’re drowning in information, but thirsty for knowledge. Why? Because knowledge creates value.

A vast amount of data is produced every second. But where does it go? Most of it gets stored in company servers – hidden away; unstructured, inaccessible, and with little governance.

In 1995 we imagined building one big data bank; one that could share information and knowledge with every stakeholder in a company.

Today, modern enterprises have to deal with a lot of complexity. WorkPoint creates simplicity by structuring data intelligently and giving people access to the information they need from their preferred interface.

Our solutions are built to support businesses across all disciplines – helping them on the path to digital transformation: one critical business solution at a time. Standardised processes and access to secure well-structured information are vital to this.

It’s in our DNA to bring structure to unstructured data while ensuring the integration of other applications. We create intuitive IT solutions that are easy to use and empower people to focus on core assignments – creating value for all.

We’d like you to join us on our journey.


1 Driving Digital Transformation

WorkPoint drives Digital Transformation by making SharePoint and Microsoft 365 projects more successful.

2 Scalable fit

Our platform has a horizontal fit but supports a broad set of vertical business solutions.

Specialised industry solutions are also available and are continuously developed in line with market trends and industry best practices.

3 Future-Proof software

Our software is based on Microsoft 365 and our customers experience significant value from implementing WorkPoint on top of Microsoft 365. New releases follow the ones from Microsoft making your investments in IT infrastructure future-proof. WorkPoint brings structure to all your data that is stored in Microsoft products like SharePoint or Teams.

4 Strong partner engagement

A close and strong collaboration with our partners ensure a successful implementation of WorkPoint with customers.


WorkPoint will go to market solely through our partner channel. Our focus is to grow the number of efficient sales and implementation partners in Western Europe and globally. We will actively select strategic partners in each country who have strong existing skills in Microsoft 365 and SharePoint. Focus will be to recruit high-end partners as well as smaller, niche-oriented partners who have proven to be fast and efficient in building pipeline and closing business. As our solution is an ad-on product to Microsoft 365, partnering with WorkPoint is advantageous.

We believe in our product and our partners, and our ambition is a 50% revenue growth for 2021.

Our success is dependent on our partners, and they have a strong incentive to engage with WorkPoint, as we provide services, leads, marketing tools, a business opportunity and an ambitious road ahead.

We are continuously on a journey of development, and we welcome partners and distributors in Denmark and abroad on our journey. A journey creating value for our partners and their customers.


WorkPoint was developed in Denmark by engineers known for quality, innovation, attention to detail and user-friendliness.

Our team has many years of experience in developing stand out IT solutions and several team members have been at WorkPoint for more than a decade.

Our product is based on Microsoft 365, making our software future-proof.

While our customer and partner successes are most important to us, we’re also proud of several accolades we’ve gained in the last few years, including:

  • Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Nominated Microsoft ISV Partner of the Year 2011, 2012 and 2015
  • Awarded Microsoft ISV Partner of the Year 2015
  • Member of the Microsoft ISV-board
  • AAA credit rating
  • Named in the 20 most promising SharePoint distributors by CIO Review magazine.

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