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WorkPoint 365 makes it fast and easy to build modular solutions – with no development or coding.

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WorkPoint 365 structures data via SharePoint and bridges to Microsoft 365 – As a result, you receive a seamless and future-proof cloud solution.

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Together with the automated classification and inheritance of data, oversight and control is ensured, which makes it possible to scale WorkPoint 365 for an enterprise solution.

Intelligent archiving and journaling of mails

WorkPoint makes it fast and easy to archive and journalize mails. By integrating a drag and drop functionality combined with an intuitive search tool, this saves users in many hours of systemizing their mails.

15. December 2021

How WorkPoint Completes Your Microsoft Licenses

Document management DMS System Digital rights management.

Daniel Hasslund is an IT manager at RSM Sweden, and CEO of IT advisory firm, Happit. He has years of experience as a solutions architect – including a stint as Head of Architecture & Enterprise Systems for Caverion.

His road to WorkPoint was, in his words, a typical one. Document and project management was problematic. But, after getting a glimpse into what WorkPoint can offer, he understood the power of using it to complete Microsoft 365.

Let’s hear Daniel’s story

Feeling The Effects Of Old Document Management

My journey with WorkPoint 365 started as a program manager for an enterprise document management program. I’d say my journey and the challenges I experienced were very similar to what many companies face today.

Maybe they’re feeling the effects of an old or outdated document management strategy. Or, regulations like GDPR forced companies to take certain actions. When COVID came, companies had to adapt virtually overnight. Many pushed out Teams and did installations with virtually no control and governance.

Many things have happened in the last few years. And at the same time, even more innovation has happened in regards to Microsoft 365 technology. As a result, many companies now have and know Microsoft 365, but don’t realize its full capabilities.

Suddenly, it has all of these document management functionalities that you as an enterprise company would expect from a document management solution.

“Where Do We Store Documents?”

What made you look for an external solution in the first instance has now become a question of  “where do we store our documents?” I talked to the legal and compliance department and learned about their need to store things in a compliant way. After checking how companies stored documents, Outlook Exchange was one of the most used document management system.

Today, many companies are in the same position. They have the technology but don’t know how to combine it. I want to help companies identify strategy and work with the Microsoft 365 platform, making sure companies take full advantage of SharePoint and all that’s included in the licenses.

Because the truth is for most companies, if you have Microsoft 365, you don’t need another platform for document management.

As I helped clients understand and utilize the full potential of Microsoft 365, I realized we needed a bit more on the project management side. A solution that could run document-heavy projects in a structured and compliant way, with the help of Outlook and other applications. We needed more functionality than Microsoft 365 had.

Finding The Missing Piece

As a result, I came across WorkPoint and did a demo. It was truly a perfect fit — the missing piece, even for migrations into Azure. Another great thing is, WorkPoint’s strategies don’t compete with Microsoft and Microsoft 365. They work together on every level.

By adding WorkPoint on top of your licenses, you can do everything you do today but simpler and more streamlined. It also means you can remove any duplicates of platforms and applications and instead use Microsoft 365 in a much better way. When completing it with WorkPoint 365, you get a much better way of working.

Today, when I help set up WorkPoint for customers. Implementation and change management is quick and straightforward and because they’re so used to working in Microsoft 365 and its applications, onboarding is much more effective.

The Key To Success

For me, a great part of success is taking the time to get a complete understanding. Some things might be worth keeping. Others might need improvement. But without doing a thorough investigation, you can’t be sure about the best solution.

I believe the true value comes when you take the time to understand a company with a goal to help them improve. Not just doing a product implementation but also help to define their strategy and ways of working.

When I show WorkPoint, it’s eye-opening for the client. A great solution, and really simple at the same time.


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Hans Ulrik Madsen

Director of Partner Development +45 21320075

Daniel Hasslund

CEO at Happit