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Minimize the risk of development

WorkPoint 365 makes it fast and easy to build modular solutions – with no development or coding.

Future-proof business solution

WorkPoint 365 structures data via SharePoint and bridges to Microsoft 365 – As a result, you receive a seamless and future-proof cloud solution.

High degree of governance

Together with the automated classification and inheritance of data, oversight and control is ensured, which makes it possible to scale WorkPoint 365 for an enterprise solution.

Intelligent archiving and journaling of mails

WorkPoint makes it fast and easy to archive and journalize mails. By integrating a drag and drop functionality combined with an intuitive search tool, this saves users in many hours of systemizing their mails.

29. August 2017

Release note: WorkPoint 365, WorkPoint Express and WorkPoint Archiving

Dutch and Norwegian languages

Until today, WorkPoint products have been available in two languages, English and Danish. Now WorkPoint365 and WorkPoint Express can work in any language. As of this release, Norwegian and Dutch is added to the list of available languages. More language packs will follow in the future.
Do you have specific needs for a certain language, please contact WorkPoint A/S

New architecture of WorkPoint365!

One of several major initiatives in WorkPoint, is improving the way WorkPoint365 works with Office365. The aim is to provide the closest possible integration with the Office365 products such as Groups, Teams, Flow, etc. Over the coming months, the architecture of WorkPoint365 will therefore change. With this release, we have introduced that a WorkPoint365 solution can be configured to create a full site collection when a module site is created. As opposed to today, where only a single site is created. This, among other things improves security between module sites.

To ensure speedy creation of site / site collection, we have enhanced the buffer site feature so it now also features buffer site collections.
To manage these new features, we have changed the module settings page in the administration.

For information on setting this up, please click here

Module Information Fields – improved search

To improve search and meta data inheritance, we have added two fields to all business modules. These fields are:

  • Business module name
  • Current stage name

These fields can be used for search and hence make the search results better.

Stage gate constraints: query values from list items

So far it has not been possible to base stage gate constraints on values on the module item itself. This is now changed, with an expansion making it possible to use values in the module item fields in the stage constraints. This will allow for more advanced business process management using stages.

Click here for more information on configuring it.

New scheduled jobs for data aggregation

It is now possible to schedule jobs for aggregating data. This is helpful for example when aggregating or filtering date fields, e.g. “count tasks with due date > today”.

Security trimming in tab control, footer menu and navigation menu

Hitherto security rules have not been affecting these items. While users might not have had access to module content, they have been able to know the existence of e.g. a HR module. This has now changed, so security rules will entirely remove these menu items subject to user rights.

Integration to WorkPoint Help Center

As part of our initiative to improve user experience, WorkPoint now features a direct link to our online help center.

Site Maintenance

The administration interface now features a page where module sites can be deleted

WorkPoint 365 – Product Improvements

Listed below is the general improvements of the product in this release.

  • ItemLocation field is now based on default values for improved performance
  • Buffer sites performance optimised
  • Performance improved in stage change function – especially better performance when using lookup fields (in large lists)
  • Optimized Site Collection Security Replication job
  • Export/Import: Check for language to prevent importing to a site collection in a different language (from the export)
  • Export/Import: Content type is now set on master site entity when importing
  • Content Type can now be chosen for merge in document templates
  • End stages now has the same colour as other stages
  • When Site Collection Provisioning fails after the site collection is created it is now possible to reuse the created site collection.
  • Set Missing Numbers function can set numbers for entities. A hidden function for the WorkPoint Numerator feature.
  • Clear WorkPoint365 web client cache – a link will make it possible to clear WorkPoint’s client site cache

WorkPoint 365 – bugfixes

Listed below are the bugfixes in this release

  • Buffer Site Creation – The property or field has not been initialized. It has not been requested or the request has not been executed. It may need to be explicitly requested.
  • Site Creation – The collection has not been initialized. It has not been requested or the request has not been executed. It may need to be explicitly requested.
  • Error update GetDefaultSearchSettings (GetCustomManagedProperties)
  • Solution export includes view fields not found on lists
  • Error in master site sync when changing of indexed property on lookup fields with cascade RelationshipDeleteBehavior
  • Error on entity site lists with taxonomy fields not created as site columns
  • Security replication – order of rules
  • Failed buffer sites not removed from the list
  • Error in security replication when re-adding rights on entity site
  • Default wikisider shown under tabview settings
  • Error in site collection sync when updating a site column
  • Master page not published on sub site collections
  • Associated default groups must not be deleted
  • wpSite field fails in tab web part
  • Links in tab web part opens in tab web part
  • Error in wizard multiline text field
  • Entity deleted from MyTools – should be recycled
  • Typo in error message when creating business module
  • Export/Import: ContentType order and visibility
  • TabView – Task list security rights error
  • New setting in master site sync – enable deletion of existing views on subsites not found on the master site
  • Tab web part now supports filtering on multi value fields
  • Support for any locale in WorkPoint 365 wizards
  • Support for security rules that does not inherit entity security to an entity site

WorkPoint Express

Integration of Outlook tasks and events
Outlook calendar tasks and events is now integrated with WorkPoint365 and WorkPoint Express, making it possible to see your WorkPoint events and tasks in your Outlook calendar and task list. For information, please click here

Send mails to a team

A new feature now lets users right-click and send emails to other users that are connected to the entity site with people picker fields. This is helpful, for example when emailing a project team.

Filter on the WorkPoint Express search tree

The filter on the WorkPoint Express search tree now features a red dot if it is active. This makes it easier for the user to see if a search result is affected by an active filter.

Save entity from email

The wizard in WorkPoint Express that allows you to create WorkPoint module elements (e.g. a customer or an incident) based on emails, has been improved and enhanced. Check out the “Wizard configurator settings” in the administration module.

Integration to WorkPoint Help Center

As part of our initiative to improve user experience, WorkPoint Express now features a direct link to our online help center.

WorkPoint Express – Product Improvements

  • Improved entity search. The search is now performed as ”AND” search with space serving as divider between words
  • Document folder on root site can now be saved as favourite
  • Links lists are now supported in WorkPoint Express
  • Email Manager 365: Mail download is streamed.
  • Folders displayed in search tree for root site lists.
  • Columns width on views is automatically saved.

WorkPoint Express – bugfixes

  • Error when Word (.doc) documents saved
  • Fixed problem with Express Panel not showing in Outlook 2016, caused by Kaspersky Antivirus.
  • Throttling errors on document lists can be handled by using views with a filter returning fewer elements than the threshold limit.

WorkPoint National Archiving

– provide data and documents for government archives

The WorkPoint Archiving is a separate add-on to WorkPoint365 and WorkPoint on premises.
It is a standard software system for extracting data to national archives. It is specifically developed for those government agencies or other public sector organisations, who are obliged regularly to deliver documents and files to national archives. Getting the correct data retrieved as well as exported from the system and converted to the correct format is a serious undertaking. Now WorkPoint can ease this process considerably.

At this point the service can be used with National Archives in Denmark and Iceland, but it has the potential to be expanded to meet requirements in other countries.

The WorkPoint Archiving will be separately priced in the price list.

For more information on WorkPoint Archiving, please find a product brochure here.

Email Manager

Content search – Email Manager emails
Users can now use WorkPoint Express for free-text searches in the body of emails stored in Email Manager or Email Manager 365.

Improved product quality management

During the first 6 months of 2017, WorkPoint product development has been focusing on changing and improving our product test and quality. Processes have been improved, new systems put in place, and the result is significant.
Today we have eliminated over 100 bugs in WorkPoint products. Also we are detecting more than three times as many bugs in tests than previously – bugs that will then never reach the end users.
We hope you will feel this improved product quality when working with WorkPoint products – and by all means, if a flaw still has slipped through the net, please report it to, giving as many details as possible, and we will get on to it.