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18. November 2020

CVU & WorkPoint 365

Implementation of WorkPoint 365 Document & Case Management Solution in Microsoft 365 by Dutch WorkPoint partner I4-YOU Business Solutions at CVU

CVU is an independent part of Yarden. It is responsible for approximately 1,300 funerals per year in the Rotterdam Rijnmond and Gouwestreek area. The funeral home focuses on quality and an individualized approach. We spoke with Martin Berns, who has been with the organization for 23 years and is responsible for accounting and ICT.

“We provide funerals daily, including all associated services. What many people do not know is that we also take care of the administrative side, from processing policies to handling required legal documents in the event of a death”.

Due to the nature of their business and the level of service supplied CVU works with multiple internal and external parties, for example, the next of kin, printing agencies, insurance companies, transport services and funeral directors. Each of these services/agencies must have the correct information at the exact time that it is required. This information sharing process is regulated by law in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Business Issue/Challenge

Although performing successfully, the existing processes were time-consuming and CVU recognized the requirement for a more efficient method. The main challenges faced were as follows:

  • How do you optimize processes with complex document flows, within an organization that must comply with extremely strict laws and regulations?
  • Due to extremely tight timelines and working in an industry where even the smallest error can have irreparable consequences, a smooth process is crucial.

The Solution & Outcome

Document & Case Management with WorkPoint 365

“While looking for solutions, we checked every step of every process together. Our contact person at I4 -YOU asked many questions: what do you do? Why is it like this? Who are involved? Which laws and regulations must we consider? The standard software solution WorkPoint 365, running directly in our Microsoft 365 platform, turned out to be a good match”.

By configuring the WorkPoint 365 software to fit the specific needs of the organization, a solution was created that fits seamlessly with the working methods of the people using it. Much of the manual work is now automated, for example, alerts and notifications and assigning access rights on documentation (who can access and when, etc.). Also, where documentation was previously manually copied and sent via post, with this new system you can handle everything digitally.

As WorkPoint 365 is so tightly integrated with Microsoft 365, the need to switch between applications has been removed making the daily workload easier.

Smooth implementation & high user adoption

During the implementation phase, a WorkPoint 365 specialist from I4 -YOU worked at the CVU offices allowing quick and easy communication and seamless consultation.

Brief training was supplied to a small pilot group who then made the switch to the new system. Soon after, the digital solution was rolled out across the organisation.

The rollout is ongoing and due to the nature of this industry, is done very carefully and in small steps. No training is necessary as colleagues who already work with the software help others on their way if needed. As with any change, some employees were skeptical at first. However, as the benefits are immediately obvious user adoption has been much higher than we originally hoped or expected.

Improved Customer Experience and Financial Gain due to Time Saving (50% Improvement)

Our processes are now automatic and digital where possible and workflows are noticeably optimized. For example, our administration has been reduced from 4 – 6 to 2- 3 weeks from opening a file to invoicing. This allows a much better experience for our bereaved customers as they can now close their administrative documents much more quickly. In addition to this, there is also the financial gain.

Cooperation with I4 -YOU and the future

Cooperation was crucial. WorkPoint 365 is a standard software solution with all the associated benefits, but equally important is that it feels fully customized when used. This achievement is down to the professional competencies of I4 -YOU and their ability to understand the organization and the needs of the people who will be working with the solution.


The established processes within CVU performed excellently, as evidenced by their continued compliance with ISO Standards. However, the method by which these processes were carried out was cumbersome. A lot of information was paper-based and/or stored on a local server (on-premise). The material was copied and sent by regular post, whilst archiving was mainly paper-based with old files being destroyed in accordance with legal requirements.

“Our need for a good IT solution grew. We also wanted to make the switch from on-premise to cloud storage. All of our processes had to be scrutinized. Changes and implementation had to be done very carefully and thoughtfully. Our system administrator advised us to contact I4 -YOU”.

Visit our Dutch partner I4-You on the following link:

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Asger Steffensen

Channel Sales Director, Partner +45 22535745