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03. June 2020

Danske Fragtmænd & WorkPoint 365

Danske Fragtmænd og workpoint

Danske Fragtmænd optimises with a modern HR platform in collaboration with WorkPoint and Delegate

In collaboration with WorkPoint and Delegate, Danske Fragtmænd has implemented a HR management solution. Which aims to provide an overview of HR processes for their employees in the department. As a result, Danske Fragtmænd transitioned from very heavy processes in SharePoint – to introduced a system that helped in systematising HR administrative tasks, documents and contracts in a secure, fast and modern format directly – from Microsoft 365.

Read more in the article on how WorkPoint created an easier working day for HR employees at Danske Fragtmænd:

Elaborative Structure of Rights on SharePoint

With more than 100 years of experience and 1200 employees, Danske Fragtmænd has established itself as Denmark’s largest and leading freight carrier with over 40,000 business customers. An organisation of such size requires an advanced HR system that can handle a larger number of employees across the country.

In the HR department of Danske Fragtmænd, a change of staff, tasks and responsibilities had taken place. The former HR system in SharePoint was highly characterised by a very elaborative structure of rights. According to the HR teamleader Anette Munk Thuesen, this structure on SharePoint was not optimal in relation to the upcoming HR requirements.

“The biggest problem was the structure of our SharePoint solution. It took a terribly long time to find the right documents on employee matters. Unfortunately, we often realised that it caused a reluctance to use the platform due to time wastage. Which often resulted in documentation being stored on local drives instead of storing them in accordance with recent requirements regarding documentation and data“.

In addition, Danske Fragtmænd also faced a process of digital transformation. They had to ensure that the employees did not physically store confidential documents at the various locations around the country. It would not only cause problems in relation to the GDPR, but also across the organisation.

“When the Personal Data Regulation took effect, attention was paid to getting established processes to save documents in SharePoint in the correct way. But if we were to send people a message that they were to archive documentation properly in the system, we also had to present them with an easier solution.”

Needs characterise development within HR management

The main criteria for establishing a new successful HR platform for Danske Fragtmænd was based on the fact that it would be faster and more efficient to work in SharePoint, as well as providing easy access to relevant documents for HR staff.

This largely characterises a development that can be recognised by both WorkPoint and Delegate. For Delegate’s Solution Provider Jesper Kjærsgaard, knowledge-sharing functions as an essential element for a modern workplace. These challenges the traditional understanding of how to efficiently work with HR management.

“For HR departments, it is especially about automating their internal processes for daily routine tasks. In collaboration with WorkPoint, we focus on a solution that brings together all ongoing HR tasks in a complete overview. In dialogue with the end-user, we focus on simplifying the workflow to continuously update competencies, courses, certificates and recruitment documents on individual employee cases “

In relation to Danske Fragtmænd, Jesper Kjærsgaard also emphasises WorkPoint as an optimal partner:

“From a technical point of view, SharePoint has unparalleled possibilities. But it can also be a bit of a mess at the same time. In the case of Danske Fragtmænd, there was a need to optimise an existing HR document platform. And by WorkPoints pre-defined business modules we were able to quickly deliver a complete solution. They have simplified and structured the way they save and retrieve employee documents. Now, all data and documentation regarding. an employee is gathered in one place “.

Microsoft 365 integration makes a significant difference in everyday life

As a result, Danske Fragtmænd has established a strong HR document platform that manages to offer employees a simpler everyday life. This is especially due to the Microsoft 365 integration. WorkPoint Express is an intelligent plugin for Microsoft 365 that provides the ability to work in SharePoint from Office programs such as Outlook, Word, Excel and more. This plugin has particularly impressed with its advanced search options.

“The biggest benefit of implementing WorkPoint was its Microsoft plugin. The Microsoft plugin makes the document search faster than turning around and taking a folder. It’s possible to bring SharePoint to employees so they do not have to waste time resources looking for specific information or documentation on employee matters – It has made a significant difference for our employees. “

Although WorkPoint Express has created the most enthusiasm among employees. It is clearly the most widely used element, other key features have also been implemented that have managed to lift the overall quality of documents and contracts in the HR department.

“The template library provides an easy-to-use tool that allows us to standardise the execution of documents, employment contracts and more. Templates give the employees fixed guidelines, thus making the process easier. As well as, increasing the quality across the department, which we clearly have noticed. “

Future plans with access control and workflows

At present, the HR solution has been implemented solely by users in the HR department and payroll administration. But at Danske Fragtmænd, future plans are being considered to look at WorkPoints HR solution as a cross-organisational management tool. This will help teamleaders and department managers in finding information, documents or the like affiliated with a particular employee in their department.

“So far we have used WorkPoint mostly at an administrative level. In the future, we want to apply it more at a management level. With WorkPoints Access Management, work is currently underway to structure a platform with different types of content views. Which means that department managers will have access to the same type of content of employees in their department, as a HR employee has full access to”- Says Anette Munk Thuesen.

In addition, she also highlights a upcoming project in getting optimised workflows that facilitate onboarding processes as well as daily tasks related to wages, sickness and maternity leave. Danske Fragtmænd internally collects all information and all duties on employee matters to the relevant employees across the organisation and not just in the HR department.

Delegate has in connection with this held a seminar with focus on optimising HR processes.

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Delegate is the solution partner for Danske Fragtmænd.
Read more about Delegate here.