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Minimer risikoen for udvikling

WorkPoint 365 gør det hurtigt og nemt ved at opbygge modulopløsninger – uden udvikling eller kodning.

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Sammen med den automatiserede klassificering og arv af data sikres tilsyn og kontrol, hvilket gør det muligt at skalere WorkPoint 365 til en virksomhedsløsning.

Intelligent arkivering og journalisering af mails

WorkPoint gør det hurtigt og nemt at arkivere og journalisere mails. Ved at integrere et træk og slip-funktionalitet kombineret med et intuitivt søgeværktøj sparer dette brugere i mange timers systemering af deres mails.

18. May 2021

NORRIQ & WorkPoint

At a busy consulting firm there is no time to search for contract documents, or spend precious time trying to figure out which changes are the most recent. That is why NORRIQ manages all contract documents systematically. 

WorkPoint’s silver partner, Simplitize, has spearheaded the development of this customer case study.

NORRIQ is a consulting firm that helps companies realise their full business potential through technology and digital transformation. The company employs 300 people, across 11 offices in 7 different countries.  Streamlined processes and effective collaboration are a must. 

“WorkPoint is the engine that drives the package we make available to our salespeople. A package that makes life easier, not only for the salespeople but also for consultants and project managers. When we put together an offer, numerous people are involved, and WorkPoint merges the relationship between sales and delivery.”

– says Jan Holt Jakobsen, Commercial & Partner Lead at NORRIQ. 

Stop Using Outdated Document Management 

The collective handling of customer  contract documentation has been systemised,  from the time of the initial proposal, to the conclusion and renewal of contracts. No one is in doubt as to what needs to be done, and the process is identical each time. It hasn’t always been that way. 

“Like so many others, we had a file drive on the server, with a folder structure that was often difficult to figure out. The result was that not everything was stored in the right place, but ended up locally, on anindividual user’s PC. Reusing documents to save time meant that the quality was not equally as good every time. We decided to change that,” 

– continues Jan Holt Jakobsen.

Always the Latest Version

Today, all documents are stored online and everyone can be sure they are working with the latest version. At the same time, the system ensures that the document is saved in the correct place 

“Before you can even open a new document, it has been created and saved in the right place. We are confident that everyone has access to the latest version and, when several people are working on the same document,there are no longer any problems collating all of the corrections into one version,” 

– explains Jan Holt Jakobsen about NORRIQ’s WorkPoint solution. 

A Big Help for New Employees

Where the employees used to give existing contracts a new name and subsequently adjust the content, as is the norm in many companies, they now work with set templates that NORRIQ has developed and continuously updates. 

“We benefit immensely from the solution and the templates we have created. Our approach also receives high praise from new employees. They really appreciate that they can quickly get working on something that looks professional and is of a high standard.” 

– says Jan Holt Jakobsen. 

Strengthens the Cooperation between Sales and Delivery 

Professional tools to support our workflow is a high priority for NORRIQ, and this is where WorkPoint plays an important role. 

“WorkPointis the engine that drives the package that we make available to our salespeople. A package that makes life easier, not only for the salespeople but also for consultants and project managers.  When we put together an offer, numerous people are involved, andWorkPointmerges the relationship between sales and delivery.”

– says Jan Holt Jakobsen. 

Efficiency withWorkPointExpress 

A tool that they are particularly excited about at NORRIQ, is WorkPoint Express, which prevents users from experiencing a lot of wasted time during the course of the day. 

“WorkPointExpress is brilliant. It is a plug-in, which means that within Outlook, which we have always used extensively, we now have access to the Microsoft 365 functionality. For example, we can attach PDF documents directly to the correspondence with customers, without first having to go into Word and saving the document as a PDF. WorkPointExpress makes many of the simple, but time-consuming, routines much more efficient,”  

– concludes Jan Holt Jakobsen.  

In the Cloud without Problems 

When NORRIQ moved their existing solution from the company’s servers to the cloud, it was done in close cooperation with Simplitize, which is also the supplier of their WorkPoint solution. The transition was smooth, and NORRIQ is now well equipped to take advantage of more of the many cloud-based opportunities that the solution offers. 

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