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Minimize the risk of development

WorkPoint 365 makes it fast and easy to build modular solutions – with no development or coding.

Future-proof business solution

WorkPoint 365 structures data via SharePoint and bridges to Microsoft 365 – As a result, you receive a seamless and future-proof cloud solution.

High degree of governance

Together with the automated classification and inheritance of data, oversight and control is ensured, which makes it possible to scale WorkPoint 365 for an enterprise solution.

Intelligent archiving and journaling of mails

WorkPoint makes it fast and easy to archive and journalize mails. By integrating a drag and drop functionality combined with an intuitive search tool, this saves users in many hours of systemizing their mails.

03. June 2020

Palsgaard & WorkPoint 365

Standard solution within project management secure agile and global platform for projects

Palsgaard wanted a future-proof standard solution, because the old project management was about to be phased out. The choice fell on the modular-built WorkPoint 365 system, which has created a central IT platform for International cooperation and has improved project management.

For a couple of years ago, the Danish company Palsgaard was faced with having to retire their old project management system and implement a new one. Palsgaard produces emulsifiers and stabilizers for the food industry and operates internationally with five production sites and eight application centres in Denmark, China, Mexico and the United States, and the group had reached a size that required more accessible and agile project management.

“We were working with a project management tool based on Lotus Notes, and there were several challenges associated with this as the platform was no longer a part of our digital strategy,”

– Says Palsgaard’s Global It Project Manager, Claus Christensen.

“Firstly, the platform could only access through a connection to our local servers and the system was in Danish, so our international employees and collaborations partners could not navigate in it. We had to send e-mails all the time, which meant that it was difficult to keep track of documents and projects”, says Claus Christensen, and continues: “Secondly, the solution was not future-proof. We had some developers in this company, who were proficient with Lotus Notes, however, if they wanted to leave us, it would have been difficult for us to find competent Lotus Notes- developers”.

The system is moved out and presented to the user

Palsgaard asked for a standard solution with the possibility of individual adaptations, which they found in WorkPoint 365, a modular standard system in the cloud that structures data via SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365.

“We had already chosen a CRM-strategy based on Microsoft, therefore was it obvious to chose WorkPoint 365 for project management when both of them are built on systems that we already are familiar with”,

says Claus Christensen. Unlike proprietary solutions as Palsgaard previous system, WorkPoint 365 is integrated into Microsoft 365 programs with the WorkPoint Express plugin. This means, that in the Microsoft-programs as Word, Excel and Outlook, Palsgaard will get access to project management and to manage documents, contacts and e-mails, rather than having to navigate back and forth between the systems.

“The benefit is that the system is moved out to the user, instead of moving the user into the system. Specifically, this means that in the Microsoft 365 platform you can solve 80 percent of the things that you normally have to do in your project solution. You can create new projects, drag & drop documents and contacts, search documents, use project templates and much more on the Microsoft 365 platform itself,” explains WorkPoint’s Sales Director, Michael Buades.

Many benefits with Microsoft 365 standard solution

Palsgaard has now implemented WorkPoint 365 in 14 companies in Europe, the United States, Africa and Asia, and this has produced a great number of gains. Firstly, the project management was streamlined, so almost all projects are now managed via WorkPoint 365. No more e-mailing documents back and forth, which has significantly improved communication and created coherence across departments and countries. The fact that the projects are now gathered in WorkPoint 365 has also provided a greater overview and opportunity to prioritize the projects. Secondly, it has become easier to educate new employees, since the project management tool uses the same structure and methodology as SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365. Platforms, which many are familiar with in advance. Thirdly, Palsgaard has got a future-proof standard solution. When Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online are updated, there will be a corresponding update of WorkPoint 365. Thus, the system is constantly developing, without Palsgaard having to use their own developers in order to maintain the system. Finally, it has become much easier for Palsgaard’s project staff to navigate and manage documents.

“One of the most important features in the system is the opportunity to search across projects so that an employee does not have to go into specific projects to find a document, which was a necessary process in the old system. Now we can create search criteria based on the text level in scanned PDF documents. This has made document management far more efficient,” – says Claus Christensen.

WorkPoint 365

  • is a cloud-based standard solution for project management, case management, contract management, HR management and QA.
  • is modular-built and can be adapted to the needs of an organization.
  • structures data and associates contacts, companies, cases and projects together with underlying documents, e-mails and tasks.
  • builds on SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365.
  • can be expanded with a WorkPoint Express plugin, which makes it possible to handle 80 percent of all SharePoint tasks directly through Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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