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29. March 2019

Shaping the future with risk management

Risk management is an opportunity to keep the quality at a high stage, and also be able to identify, evaluate and assess possible risks in a product's lifetime. WorkPoint’s risk consultant, Luca Emanuele Seresina, has written a few words about how WorkPoint is using risk management systems by themselves, and how they are offering it for their costumers so they can be able to identify risks for themselves in the future.

The modern world society is always a more complex reality with intricate connections and many overlapping layers. Globalisation and interconnection among countries and businesses are certainly something positive which have brought along many opportunities. But at the same time, several risks and threats are becoming more difficult to understand and provides more complex issues for the future.

As a result of these challenges, organisations need to invest stronger efforts, in order to be properly prepared and to be able to manage their business-critical processes in a structured and functional way. It is critical that organisations are able to identify, evaluate and assess possible risks on the entire chain of work-processes, from the birth of a new concept to the delivery of the products to their customers. For ensuring the right optimisation, companies should be able to use risk management as an integrated part of decision-making processes for future strategies.

Risk management in WorkPoint

As a software company, WorkPoint deals with information and data for many companies, in order to assist them in achieving their business goals through the implementation of our software. WorkPoint needs to guarantee a level of quality and security that match the expectation of the customers.

– Our customers expect a high level of control on their information. The improvement of our Risk management system will definitely help us to tighten up our control and improve our services delivering a better product to our customers. As a software company, we definitely value the management of information, says WorkPoint’s Quality Manager, Frank Christensen.

Internal structured framework to risk processes

Risk management helps WorkPoint in establishing a foundation for better decision-making processes, on both short- and long term perspective. Also, its objectives is to be better to asses and to be able to foresee the opportunities and difficulties that might arise both internally and externally for the organisation.

The construction of an internal risk management system, with dedicated tools, is an ongoing process with many different objectives that have been established to ensure the level of quality.

– The combination of decision-making strategies and tools, such as Montecarlo simulation, will be used to help us to achieve our objective providing a view on the current challenges that WorkPoint and their customers are dealing with every day, says WorkPoint’s Risk Consultant, Luca Emanuele Seresina.

WorkPoint is currently reviewing the processes which is running after the ISO27001 standard, where the risk assessment assists in ensuring information and security. By doing that WorkPoint is renovating their commitment to the customers regarding the importance of the information that is given to us which will increase the quality of our processes from the data management perspective.

Not only with the opportunity given by the work on ISO27001, WorkPoint had decided also to embrace the certification process for the ISO9001. The ISO9001 should be able to help WorkPoint to improve the internal quality and to make sure that security will continue as a core value for WorkPoint.

Luca Emanuele Seresina, Risk Consultant, working with a collage of different processes in a company to create an overview over the ISO-certificating

Next actions and plans

Luca Emanuele Seresina has a personal ambition to create a connection between the risk management processes and WorkPoint’s Quality Assurance which will constitute an improvement of the risk management tools. It will create a solution which will be able to help WorkPoint’s costumers to manage their own risks on their own working group.

– Using our expertise and platform we can provide our customers with a strong tool to better manage their own challenges, as well as facilitating the integration of a structured risk management system. This will follow them from the very first exciting moment of a new idea – to the more complex stages of development and distributions, says WorkPoint’s Risk Consultant, Luca Emanuele Seresina.

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