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02. May 2018

Smart email wizard function hidden in WorkPoint Express

Read the article to learn more about what the email wizard can be used for and how it works in WorkPoint Express.  

WorkPoint Express has many unique and popular functions, that are widely known by most WorkPoint users. However, one of the hidden gems in WorkPoint Express is the email wizard function. The wizard-function is there to help users in capturing and filing emails on entities.

Create projects and cases based on emails

The WorkPoint Express is an Office 365 plugin, that allows organisations to perform efficient document – and email management in everyday programs such as Outlook, Word and Excel. It is a powerful tool that offers organisations an easy and intelligent way to properly journalise all business-critical information within the organisation’s system.

This time, we would like to introduce one of the more overlooked functions in WorkPoint Express. The function is called “WorkPoint Express Email Wizard”. It can be used for optimising the organisation’s processes for email management in WorkPoint Express.

The function allows users to easily use the content of emails for creating cases or projects. This makes project and case creation much simpler since the wizard automatically does the work for you. It inserts the email’s content within a requested project or case creation formula.

A valuable tool for organisations with many requests and inquiries

Even though the email wizard can be applied by all WorkPoint Express users, it can in particular be a useful tool for organisations such as interest- and membership organisations.

These organisations receive a large number of requests and inquiries from members and have many ongoing cases within their system. With the functionality of the email wizard, then these organisations are able to quickly create cases based on the email correspondence with the individual member.

For instance, if a union organisation receives an email regarding e.g. salary negotiation, then the wizard can apply this request directly to the member’s case within the system. It is also capable of copying the content and correspondence from the email and inserting this in the case as well.

This provides an efficient and quick method for managing an individual member’s inquiry since an employee can easily add the email to an existing case or create a new case based on the email. For the employee, this establishes a complete overview of all cases pertaining to an individual member.

How the WorkPoint Express Email Wizard works

As mentioned above, the WorkPoint Email Wizard quickly establishes a connection between the email and the system’s entities.

When the wizard is activated in the Outlook ribbon and it will start to search for the sender’s email address in a specified module.

When the wizard refers to an email address to a specific organisation, then it will provide you with a complete list of all cases and projects related to this company. From there, you can easily apply the mail to an existing project or case or start creating new ones.

However, the magic of the email wizard starts when filling out the form for project or case creation. The function will automatically lift the email’s subject and content and put the information in the “title” and “description” fields.

Note in this screenshot how Andy’s information from the mail has been automatically lifted into the formula. In this example, the information for “title” and “description” has been lifted. You can actually fill out many more fields with information from the e-mail.

That way, the wizard has already done the work for you. Then, you can easily start creating projects and cases based on the content of emails.

If you want to start using the WorkPoint Email Wizard, please contact the WorkPoint team on

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