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11. December 2020

Stay True To Your Roadmap: Agile Development & Your Business

Stay True To Your Roadmap: Agile Development & Your Business

There’s a great difference between having a strict roadmap for your product strategy to having Agile development in place. Or, in other words – between managing custom development and feedback in an Agile way. But it’s important to find the delicate balance between the two.

To use an analogy, it’s similar to driving a car in the middle lane of the highway. You need to focus on the road ahead, but constantly monitor what’s happening all around you. If you don’t, you might very well end up crashing.

Finding The Balance

Scrum is an excellent way of embracing Agile. And while all development teams are more or less in tune with this way of working, there is a danger in making things too Agile. By listening to customer feedback too much, you risk losing your long-term perspective and vision.

Development teams need people with a longer-term perspective who can quickly adapt to innovations. And often, the smaller the company, the more Agile they can be, and the easier they can adapt to innovation.

The Agile Development Methodology Of WorkPoint

As various demands can take us in many different directions, is it always best to do what the customer wants? At WorkPoint we believe it’s crucial to carefully assess – not necessarily action – every request made: at whatever point in the development process they materialise.

We first consider if the new customer request matches the project’s overall vision, and if so, we add the functionality right away, or plan it for the next version of the product.

If we feel that the demand steers away from our roadmap and vision, we look at it closer and determine the additional cost of adding it anyway, which we often split with the customer.

If it’s a great idea but doesn’t fit our project’s scope, it becomes a new product. In these cases,if it doesn’t fit or we don’t have the proper knowledge of it – we respectfully decline the idea.

Staying True To Your Vision

We’ve found that having a range of answers to meet the different demand works excellently. Customers respect your expertise and are ultimately happier knowing they have the potential and power to impact your product positively.

Just saying you’re Agile is not enough. What counts is having an Agile discipline that’s flexible enough to change direction on a short-term basis to incorporate new innovative ideas. As a result, you can satisfy customers’ demands and adapt them very fast in-house, while staying true to your roadmap and vision.

A great advantage of working with WorkPoint as a supplier is that we are focused on listening to our customers and their demands.

It’s taken practice to get this approach right, but now we’ve mastered Agile, we’re free to play with it in a way that works to our and our clients’ advantages.

Want to know more about WorkPoint’s Agile approach? Contact us today!