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05. July 2021

The Ugly Truth about Multitasking

WorkPoint Teams App Studio and Message Extensions - Teaser for SoMe

Since the great global transition to the cloud in the wake of the pandemic, here at WorkPoint, we’ve seen increased opportunity with Microsoft Teams in helping organizations reduce headaches and boost healthy productivity.

The result is that we’ve created a new software solution – the WorkPoint Teams App Studio (from the Microsoft Teams Apps Studio) which allows you to do all your important work from Microsoft Teams: without leaving the application.

Before going into the details of WorkPoint Teams App Studio, let’s shine a light on how much multitasking could be costing your company.

The Ugly Truth About Multitasking

According to a study by Vouchercloud, the typical employee is only productive 2 hours and 23 minutes each working day.

While it’s easy to blame social media (and other distractions!) for its role in reduced productivity, the fact is the need to constantly switch between different software applications to do your job has an impact too. Many organizations rely on several applications and platforms for day-to-day projects and tasks – sometimes upwards of ten or more.

Studies have shown that multitasking, even brief mental blocks created by shifting between tasks, can cost 40% of a worker’s productive time. That means, when you get interrupted by a notification or switch applications, there’s a very real, compounded productivity loss to the organization.

When you switch back and forth between different tasks and applications, you lose flow. Each time you resume a new activity, your brain must start over to get back on track. Imagine what thousands of lost hours every month – and possibly millions in costs.

Increased Productivity as a Healthy Goal

Healthy productivity is about having the right tools to make work easier, faster, and more effective. That’s why, with less switching between applications, focus becomes easier – which is in everyone’s best interest across any organization.

From a manager’s point of view, focus means better performance and improved results from their teams – with less stress, which is a win for everyone.

From a financial perspective, increased productivity is a highly desirable goal – but not at the cost of mental health. The goal of improved productivity should be seen as a way of streamlining – rather than squeezing out more – work.

It’s also fair to say the way we work is changing. An increase in remote and hybrid working means that, although employees are on call, they’re not always available. That’s harder to see when someone’s not in the same office – which is why there’s now an even greater reliance on communication tools.

But again, the need to switch between these can have a detrimental effect on hard-earned productivity – which is why a central, single source of contact and collaboration is much-needed.

Introducing: Teams App Studio

Built for the new dynamic, flexible and collaborative way you work, let’s introduce you to the new Teams App Studio, making Teams your new modern workplace. Teams App Studio is a WorkPoint application that allows you and everyone in your organization to work directly in Teams – without leaving the universe.

It’s built for the new dynamic, flexible, and collaborative way you work and allows you to do all projects, contracts, tasks, and more directly in Teams. The application is downloadable from the Microsoft Store and comes with fully configurable views for all your users’ different needs.

Teams App Studio features different views for all your department across your organization. It allows everyone to do their “heavy-lifting” types of tasks and assignments directly in Teams – while chatting and calling externally, internally, with suppliers, customers, and more.

Let’s say you’re in a chat or meeting, discussing a new project. With a click, create a project that the four of you will start working on. The WorkPoint wizard guides you through the process and immediately creates your new project.

Or if you’re a manager, forget the traditional way of reviewing hiring contracts, waiting for a response, and double-checking versions and changes. Instead, with Teams App Studio, you do it directly in Teams – quickly and easily.

This new application will also bridge Microsoft Viva and future investments into AI-powered ways of working in Teams to keep you at the forefront of innovation.

Welcome To The Future

Traditionally, companies spend a lot of money on different platforms. In addition, these platforms need education, upholding, IT maintenance, and constant training for all users – which can get incredibly time-consuming and expensive.

We believe that the WorkPoint Teams App Studio brings the circle together from a user point of view. Instead of wasting productive hours by switching to several expensive applications – often for easy tasks – you can now do it all within Teams.

Say hello to the future where you can use all the great, collaborative features of Teams while also allowing everyone in your organization to do the heavy lifting from one system.


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Hans Ulrik Madsen

Director of Partner Development +45 21320075