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01. September 2021

Uggerly & WorkPoint – A Year After

Uggerly and WorkPoint

End-to-end solution ensures accurate deliveries

Uggerly Installation is responsible for all electrical and plumbing installations in more than 750 new type homes per year. With WorkPoint 365 as a software engine, streamlining, overview and increased competitiveness have been achieved.

This case study is made by WorkPoint partner, Simplitize.

WorkPoint is the central cockpit

The desire for “faster, cheaper and better” deliveries is a well-known expression even in the construction industry, and even though it can be difficult to ensure all three parameters, Uggerly Installation has ensured its competitiveness over the past year. With the help of WorkPoint partner, Simplitize, Uggerly Installation mapped all processes and the different roles involved, this then formed the basis for the architecture.

Administration Manager Michael Seerup explains,

“with Simplitize as a close partner, we have implemented a WorkPoint 365 Document Management and Case Management solution on the Microsoft 365 platform, and thus gained a central cockpit from which all construction projects are handled and documented. The great advantage of having WorkPoint 365 as the underlying system is that all information, data and processes for a construction project are only entered once, and then they can be accessed from the office as well as the construction site.”

Power Apps save time

Michael Seerup has made a number of power apps. One of them monitors HusCompagniet’s construction plans, which provides an overview in relation to the planning at Uggerly Installation.

Another handles additional purchases and thus provides a better process for the house buyer.

“When you buy a house off-plan, all legally required installations are naturally included,” – says Michael Seerup,

“but most often the customer wants additional sockets, extra power outlets for lamps, other fittings or similar. It used to be an area prone to errors, as it was handled manually in Excel. Now when we have a meeting with the customer, we put everything into the construction drawing. The icons from the drawing are then transferred to WorkPoint and automatically generates a customer quote, order lists for the individual steps in the construction process and a draft of the final invoice.”

Integration with suppliers

The supply chain is also under control, as Uggerly Installation has APIs in place for the subcontractors’ inventory overview. Michael Seerup talks about the advantages and says,

“in our case management solution, we can see product lists for the individual case, as well as our total needs for delivery on specific dates. We compare this with the stock levels of our suppliers and can thus follow whether there is a shortage of components. Through dialogue and forecasts, we can ensure accurate deliveries for the 750 construction projects.”

The important documentation

Upon completion of a construction project, it is important to Uggerly Installation that the buyer obtains an overview of the delivery.

With the case management solution, one of Michael Seerup’s power apps can easily collect quality assurance reports and operational and maintenance documentation. These are printed and placed in the new house, so that the new residents have a proper overview and can always see which floor heating hose goes where, which wireless signal goes to the child’s room, which timer controls the entry lights, etc.

Overview – Also in 3 years’ time

For Michael Seerup, simplified documentation for HusCompagniet and the house buyers is one thing, but Uggerly Installation continuously handles 2,500 other cases. Although not everything is as systematised in these cases, the WorkPoint case management solution offers many advantages.

“Changes arise all the time. Cases startup, tenders are revised, new information is added, schedules are moved and construction drawings are changed. Without structure and with everything hidden in WorkPoint, it is like finding the needle in a haystack if the customer calls in 3 years’ time asking for a power outlet we made for a lamp. With WorkPoint, it is so simple and easy to store information that our employees no longer store anything locally or in an email,”- says Michael Seerup.

Endless digitalization possibilities with WorkPoint

With the help of WorkPoint Partner, Simplitize, one year ago Uggerly Installation selected and implemented the WorkPoint solution. Since then, Michael Seerup’s daily work has changed a great deal.

“When you start using a tool in one part of the business and quickly see results, it creates a desire to use the tool in other business areas,” – he explains, adding,

“I use 50-70% of my time developing, so we can take advantage of the many opportunities with one common database for everything. I have a long wish list in relation to what I want, but right now the focus is on an HR solution. Here too, Simplitize has been a valuable partner in creating the foundation, and we are now in the process of scanning our entire personnel archive, which is in paper form. The ambition is that in the long term we can automate the entire hiring and onboarding part.”


  • One building project with all information and documentation
  • Everything is tagged and easy to find
  • No manual entries for additional purchases. 3-4 hours of time saved
  • Accurate deliveries
  • Readt for growth: Each employee can handle more because everything is optimised and automated
  • Better agreements with suppliers based on data
  • Overview of all projects as well as progress and status of the individual project
  • Automation allows you to focus on the important things
  • Streamlined procedures and processes
  • Competitive advantage in relaiton to “competitors in Excel”
  • The system can handle other business solutions such as HR, Contract Management, Governance, etc.

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