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Minimize the risk of development

WorkPoint 365 makes it fast and easy to build modular solutions – with no development or coding.

Future-proof business solution

WorkPoint 365 structures data via SharePoint and bridges to Microsoft 365 – As a result, you receive a seamless and future-proof cloud solution.

High degree of governance

Together with the automated classification and inheritance of data, oversight and control is ensured, which makes it possible to scale WorkPoint 365 for an enterprise solution.

Intelligent archiving and journaling of mails

WorkPoint makes it fast and easy to archive and journalize mails. By integrating a drag and drop functionality combined with an intuitive search tool, this saves users in many hours of systemizing their mails.

Microsoft 365: Re-Engineered For Modern Enterprises

Microsoft 365 wasn’t built for IT experts. All kinds of professionals use it every single day – from project managers to HR teams; procurement to finance; marketing to manufacturing.

We empower them all to…

  • Build the business solutions they need using Microsoft 365
  • Manage, find, and access company data and documents quickly and efficiently
  • Bring structure to unstructured data
  • Meet compliance and governance requirements

…All by using the tools they prefer.

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We Bring Structure To Your Information Overload

So many businesses use Microsoft. And an increasing number are migrating to the cloud. These two tech phenomena form the perfect partnership – a fusion of familiar software coupled with scalable bandwidth and storage space. Together, they help modern enterprises flourish. What’s not so peachy is the task of organising all of the documentation, files, guidelines, data, and workflows that come with company growth. But that’s where we come in. At WorkPoint, we aim to give knowledge-based companies complete access and oversight of their information, data, policies, and processes. We do this by bringing structure and sanity to your information overload.

A Layer Of Logic On Microsoft 365

Imagine being able to pinpoint any single piece of information – company records, reports, information, and communications – from across your entire company server: on demand, from a single interface. Searching takes time. And even if information is stored in the cloud, it can be hard to find. If it’s not configured or structured correctly, it’ll stay hidden away. But WorkPoint makes search more intelligent. Think of WorkPoint as a layer of logic that sits on top of Microsoft 365 – one that looks familiar, but can go much deeper in terms of how it digs for data.

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Full Flexibility & Instant Integration

All Microsoft 365 programmes complement each other, but they’re not integrated with one another. WorkPoint changes that. WorkPoint orchestrates all Microsoft 365 programmes allowing you to find information created in one programme and easily pull it into another – without having to fire up a second (or third) one. Prefer using Teams, but want to access an email from Outlook? Running a project in SharePoint but need to incorporate and store emails, Word and Excel documents into the site? All totally doable with WorkPoint 365.

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Bringing Order To Compliance Chaos

In business, things change. People join and leave. Projects are initiated. Agreements are made. Contracts are drawn up. This impacts the amount of information companies have – and often dictates what they can and can’t do with it. The mountains of information generated, combined with the challenges of GDPR, compliance, and data governance can be difficult to manage. But with WorkPoint, you can organise your data in a way that’s aligned to the challenges of your working to reality.

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Sharing Success With Our Partner Network

If you’re a software vendor that’s looking for a lucrative, cutting edge tech stack that can make a real difference to how modern enterprises work, then let’s get acquainted! We’d love to have you in our partner network.

Work Smarter. Not Harder

Like people in modern enterprises, no single Microsoft 365 programme works in isolation. SharePoint, Teams, Outlook and co. all need to work together. That’s fine: Microsoft 365 is easy to use. It’s intuitive. And very familiar to most people. The thing is, it has a lot of features that most people don’t know about. Or only use occasionally. Features they’re paying for and don’t put to work – Like the human brain, only a small part of it gets used to full effect. But we’re changing that. Here’s how.

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All-In On Cloud Tech

There’s a reason so many companies are migrating to the cloud. Several important ones in fact.

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Rest Your Cases

Take the pain of managing mountains of case management information.

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A Central Point Of Sanity

Enjoy oversight of everything piece of project info you need to see – from one place.

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The Need For Speed

Everything’s modular, so configure WorkPoint however you need – at optimum speed.

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Easy Access Email

Spend less time searching for emails and attachments.

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Fully Scalable SaaS Platform

Need more capacity? Less users? Have it your way.

See WorkPoint Up Close

We get it. Sometimes you need to take a closer look at something to get a better idea of what it can do for you. So, go ahead – come and kick our tyres

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What’s going on at WorkPoint?

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

Of course we’d paint WorkPoint in a positive light(!). But why not hear from our customers instead? They operate across many different industries and face a number of different challenges. And they all use our platform – for everything from HR to legal casework; as well as contract management, operations, finance, products and project management.

Arkil & WorkPoint
Grundfos & WorkPoint
ESVAGT & WorkPoint

Arkil & WorkPoint: Building An Operational ‘Access All Areas’ Knowledge Base

When one of Denmark’s biggest contractors wanted to futureproof its processes and workflows – and offer employees access to must-have knowledge – they turned to WorkPoint for help with a case management system: one they could also integrate with emails and documents.

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Jens Skjøt-Arkil
Jens Skjøt-Arkil

Director of Business Development

The main success criterion is that the employees experience an easier and better workday. The feedback we have received is very positive. The fact that we are also able to see and measure the increasing adaptation of the system is, to me, the best indicator that we offer our employee the right IT tools,

Grundfos & WorkPoint: No More Treading Water When It Comes To Case Management

Discover how the world’s leading pump and water solutions manufacturers went all-in on a new case management system – choosing WorkPoint as their preferred partner.

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Dennis Lybæk Hansen
Dennis Lybæk Hansen

System Engineer Specialist

“I see a bright future working together with WorkPoint, they have a new transmittal module where you can lock a set of documents, which we can use in our development department. But also as a project module, where you can combine it with Microsoft Teams. So you can use all the functionalities in Teams on each project. But you still have WorkPoint in the back-end to control the project module”.

ESVAGT & WorkPoint: A Lifejacket For Modern Workplace Solutions

WorkPoint assisted renowned search and rescue vessel builders in their search for a cloud-based software solution that could deliver the speed and skill they needed to navigate an increasingly complex information environment

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Mikkel Damgaard Pedersen
Mikkel Damgaard Pedersen

Solution Architect

I consider the strongest value in WorkPoint to be – A lot of things actually. But if we take the strongest value is that we can collaborate all our business documents, contracts, e-mail needs into one single platform, where we can easily manage permissions and everything else included into that.