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Unlock the full potential of your business with WorkPoint 365, the ultimate platform seamlessly integrated with Microsoft 365.

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Transform your Content Workflow with WorkPoint 365

The Ultimate Platform for Content Process Automation


With more than 20 years of experience, WorkPoint is your go-to expert for content process automation; we make your content work for you. WorkPoint 365 is a highly scalable cloud platform for content process automation - whether you work with contracts, cases, project documents or other types of communication, we make sure you get the full value in return for all the hard work you've put into creating your content. As a fully partner-driven organisation, we ensure the best match between you and one of our certified partners to create the best solution for your specific business challenges and needs. We deliver the platform, they tailor the solution to YOU.

Our Certified WorkPoint Partners

With WorkPoint you get...

WorkPoint 365

  • Comprehensive platform for content-centric business solutions. 
  • Streamline processes with powerful automation.
  • Boost adoption using familiar Microsoft 365 apps.
  • Robust enterprise content management for data governance and compliance.  


  • An international community of very experienced and highly skilled SaaS tech partners.
  • Our partners can help you with optimising your business processes.
  • Experienced in the full WorkPoint solution from initial consultation to support of WorkPoint products.
  • Help with one standardised document and process management platform for Microsoft 365.


  • Standard solutions for common business requirements. 
  • Customise your solutions to address unique business needs. 
  • No-code solution for building your own business solutions. 
  • A multi-purpose solution that can adapt and grow with your business. 

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Hear what customers are saying about WorkPoint

What I was most impressed by with WorkPoint is just how easy it is to build the system around it. How the architecture is build, and how scalable and flexible the system is.

- Dennis Lybæk Hansen, System Engineer Specialist with Grundfos

Customise your own solution and experience the value of WorkPoint

Find out how WorkPoint 365 can add value to your business and let our WorkPoint specialists help you build the perfect solution that fits your specific business needs.
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