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WorkPoint A/S har brug for de kontaktoplysninger, du giver os, for at kontakte dig om vores produkter og tjenester. Du kan til enhver tid afmelde dig fra disse meddelelser. For information om, hvordan du afmelder dig, samt vores fortrolighedspraksis og forpligtelse til at beskytte dit privatliv, bedes du læse vores fortrolighedspolitik.

Minimer risikoen for udvikling

WorkPoint 365 gør det hurtigt og nemt ved at opbygge modulopløsninger – uden udvikling eller kodning.

Fremtidssikker forretningsløsning

WorkPoint 365 strukturerer data via SharePoint og broer til Microsoft 365 – Som et resultat modtager du en sømløs og fremtidssikker cloud-løsning.

Høj grad af regeringsførelse

Sammen med den automatiserede klassificering og arv af data sikres tilsyn og kontrol, hvilket gør det muligt at skalere WorkPoint 365 til en virksomhedsløsning.

Intelligent arkivering og journalisering af mails

WorkPoint gør det hurtigt og nemt at arkivere og journalisere mails. Ved at integrere et træk og slip-funktionalitet kombineret med et intuitivt søgeværktøj sparer dette brugere i mange timers systemering af deres mails.

The Future Of Collaboration In Architecture, Engineering & Construction

In an industry where juggling information between customers, subcontractors and your internal project teams needs to be worry-free, the last thing you need is to have all of that information scattered across multiple and often differently structured systems. What you need is a central cockpit for your projects and all their information and documentation that brings you overview and ease. Anywhere and anytime.  


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Fully integrated project management

WorkPoint 365 is a complete solution designed to increase productivity by structuring your projects, documents and information in an intuitive framework that matches your business and your way of working. Easily integrate project plans and information with your favourite Microsoft 365 applications like Outlook, Teams and the Power Platform and experience a whole new way of managing your project documentation  

Say hello to WorkPoint 365, the future of project document management and let us tell you more about how we help businesses across the industry regain control and improve productivity!

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Project Document Management Made Simple

Companies in architecture, engineering and construction share a range of common challenges that need to be well-managed in order to secure successful deliveries and satisfied customers. 

  • Your clients need assurance that you’ll be finished on time and on budget.  
  • Your team needs to accommodate project changes with agility and speed.  
  • You need to be able to manage information to and from a wide range of sources as part of project deliveries, managing tenders and bidding on potential customer projects. 
  • You need easy and fast access and collaboration across your project teams working in the field and from multiple offices. 
  • And lastly, you need efficiency and maximum productivity to ensure that your projects create profit. 

The days of project paper stacks are over

Today, the right technology is crucial to manage these challenges and ensure continuous efficiency.

With WorkPoint, all your projects and their critical information are centralized in an easily accessible platform, giving you a complete overview and ensuring effective collaboration throughout the project duration. 

And because WorkPoint uses all the popular Microsoft 365 applications you already know and love, there’s zero learning curve, allowing you to benefit from your investments from Day 1 

Get started and experience a new level of project document management

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Efficient reporting reduces impact

With direct access to all projects, your workers can report progress, errors, safety issues, and other key project metrics as they happen or are identified. And with WorkPoints’ sophisticated functionalities for defining business-specific workflows, you can ensure that the correct users are notified and reminded to take proper action immediately to secure continuous progress and reduce impacts of any identified challenges.

Using WorkPoint, every piece of information is available from a single dedicated workspace – giving project managers an instant overview of progress, quality control, risk assessments, and much more: from desktops and mobile devices. 

Uggerly Secures Structure & Collaboration

Uggerly is a plumbing and electric installations company with a long, rich history of true craftsmanship. Discover how WorkPoint helps them structure and handle over 750 building projects a year.

With WorkPoint, Organizations Working Within Architecture, Engineering & Construction Benefit From…

  • Centralized information available from anywhere 
  • Enhanced productivity and collaboration through structured processes 
  • Streamlined project management with deadlines and risk management  
  • Access to critical data 24/7 

Ready to see how WorkPoint can ease your admin burden, drive efficiencies, and bring all of the info your construction project teams need into a single point of sanity? 

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