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Elevate Your Microsoft Experience with WorkPoint

Are you ready to revolutionize your Microsoft journey? At WorkPoint, we bring you a powerful partnership that transforms your business. Here's why you should embark on this journey with us

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Discover Unprecedented Growth with WorkPoint!


Unlock the potential to elevate your Microsoft business by 20% and streamline the delivery of your solutions, significantly reducing time-to-market. Our highly scalable and adaptable all-in-one platform not only minimizes churn rates but also expands your target audience without industry limitations. Offer a cutting-edge document management solution seamlessly integrated with Microsoft 365. WorkPoint 365 is the key to unlocking new revenue streams and delivering unparalleled value to your clients. Join a robust Partner Community comprised of experienced tech partners in SaaS from across Europe, and embark on a journey of accelerated growth and collaboration.

The way we can pick up a prospect and turn them into a revenue stream is much quicker, which is fantastic. WorkPoint improves revenue, and also margin.

- Trevor Barling, Business Development Manager at Core Technologies

What you Need to Know About WorkPoint

Nurturing Your Business Growth

At WorkPoint, your success is our priority. We operate as a fully partner-driven organization, dedicated to fortifying your business journey from the initial onboarding phase to continuous support. In the ever-evolving landscape of SaaS, rest assured that a dedicated Partner Account Manager will stand alongside you through every twist and turn.

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Empowering Your Success

Access a wealth of resources, including our Partner Platform, different training modules for WorkPoint certification, and learning materials to enhance your business outreach and deal-closing abilities. Benefit from sales- and marketing collateral, co-funding for marketing activities, joint business plans, and exclusive invitations to our annual Partner Day event and Partner Award show – just a glimpse of what's in store

Meet WorkPoint 365: Your Ultimate Solution

Explore WorkPoint 365, our all-in-one platform for information- and document management. This all-in-one solution fills the gaps in your existing Microsoft strategy, ensuring maximum returns and benefits. With modular architecture, it's perpetually adaptable to any business or industry, highly scalable to grow alongside your customers' evolving needs. Effortlessly implement and configure this standardized platform to significantly reduce your time-to-market. Welcome to a realm where your success is not just supported but amplified.

A Journey into WorkPoint's Collaborative Partner Universe

Our Partner Promise

In our collaborative journey, your success is our shared triumph. Our partnerships are founded on pillars of trust, confidentiality, and joint efforts. These commitments serve as success criteria, fostering mutual dedication and ensuring outstanding results. Welcome to a partnership where your achievements are at the heart of our shared success story
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