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At itm8, we’re committed to propelling our clients’ digital readiness across a multitude of industries. We achieve this by harnessing the power of Microsoft cloud solutions, fostering agile development, deploying integrated platforms, and guiding end-users in their learning and adoption journey. Our ultimate aim is to make technology enjoyable and beneficial for all users.


We are proud to do this based on the technology from our partners at WorkPoint. Their advanced solutions form the backbone of our services, enabling us to deliver top-notch, efficient, and effective digital transformation strategies for our clients.

Our offerings

Our focus at itm8 is to generate tangible business value through business-centric implementations. Our WorkPoint solutions are typically designed to bolster specific business functions, while also serving as a versatile platform for constructing a variety of solutions. This approach enables our clients to expedite their digital transformation in a cost-effective manner.

We have a proven track record of delivering solutions in areas such as:

  • Document management and processes for project-oriented organizations
  • Document management, processes, business applications, and external collaboration for sectors like professional services, manufacturing, finance, and retail
  • Document management and case management for public organizations, NGOs, and utility companies (ESDH/ECM)
  • Document management for Quality Assurance
  • Asset Management

Moreover, we provide specialized standard solutions in areas like project management, case management, legal solutions, HR, quality management, and more.


Implementation strategy

Recognizing that each customer is unique, we believe in the importance of a robust starting point. Our standard implementation methodology ensures a high-quality implementation project, regardless of the project or customer size, or whether the solution is based on a standard solution or a completely customized requirement.

All our projects follow a methodology heavily inspired by agile principles. After the go-live, our Service and Operations department, backed by a fully ISO27001 certified ITIL based support setup, is ready to assist your users if you opt for a service agreement. Our S&O provides:

  • Dedicated specialists who understand your business
  • Expert service to help shape your future
  • Global support, available 24/7 if needed
  • Fast response and resolution times
  • Continuous improvement of your IT and business solutions
  • Close partnership with Microsoft
  • ISO 27001 for information security
  • Regular updates on security, market, and feature developments

Partner with itm8 and let us make technology work for you, powered by WorkPoint technology.

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