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We stay at the forefront of IT technology for businesses to best solve the challenges our customers face every day.


IT is constantly evolving. We live in a world where solutions melt together; solutions you use in your everyday life. Products, systems and machines that integrate with and become a part of your company's IT systems. It requires a skillful IT supplier.


JCD - all IT technology for businesses

At JCD, we have delivered complete solutions for businesses since 1991. We have extensive experience and specialize in a wide range of disciplines - all IT technicians, designers, Umbraco developers and system specialists who handle complex IT solutions every day for our customers.

Both when it comes to day-to-day operations, and also when it comes to advising on the many possibilities companies have today in relation to their IT systems.


Focus on Cloud and Microsoft 365

There is a lot of potential in the cloud. There are more applications, more devices and now more data than ever before. When the cloud is properly exploited, there are benefits to gain - increased efficiency make the IT department able to focus on the strategic part of the work, a comprehensive flexible platform makes it easy to adapt your business future and centralize IT infrastructure regardless of the number user entries.

Microsoft 365 is a subscription in the cloud and brings together the best tools for the modern business Microsoft 365 is not just the programs you know and love. Microsoft 365 consists of 36 different tools; The Microsoft suite is just one of them. Microsoft 365 is a lot of integrated tools and functions for example. file sharing, better collaboration across departments, project management and planning.

Common to them is that they all help to make your business more efficient.


Microsoft & WorkPoint

JCD is part of the top level of Microsoft's business partners. Their consultants are always up to date with Microsoft's certifications.

We see it as a necessity in order to best solve the issues that customers face every day. Being a Microsoft and WorkPoint partner means that JCD A/S meets the requirements of a competent IT technology supplier.

Consultants at JCD have also won the WorkPoint Ambassador of the Year Award several times. 

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