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Konica Minolta

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We advice on IT solutions that support digitalisation to optimise the management of increased volumes of data, workflows and processes. And we do this while paying extra attention to the need for governance and compliance.


At Konica Minolta, we advice on IT solutions that support digitalisation. Among other things, solutions such as project management, case management, contract management, email journaling and email management.

As data volume is rapidly increasing and data enters companies in many places, the question is then: where is the data, and how do we ensure proper structure and overview?

At the same time, we experience that companies are more and more focused on how they become compliant and ensure compliance across the organisation due to increasing demands from authorities in terms of GDPR, NIS2, AI and much more. 

It is in those exact areas WorkPoint 365 is an innovative platform that helps businesses focus on the management of data and documents, as well as retrieval of data, which is often found to be challenging. At the same time, WorkPoint 365 helps systemise data in a workflow, allowing us at Konica Minolta to automate more processes and workflows.


Development in collaboration

In the areas of digitising print production as well as scanning documents, Konica Minolta are experts in the market. For the same reason, they have been the catalyst for the idea behind the scanning module in WorkPoint 365. The module makes it much easier to archive data correctly when print is digitised, and therefore, it meets a pressing need in the market to support an often time-consuming process of working with physical paper documents.

We have achieved a really close partnership, where we can develop solutions for the customers in unison. This means that the customers are able to receive the solution they want, and the support they need, making them feel comfortable through the entire process.

- Konica Minolta

Great flexibility in a standard solution

While the WorkPoint 365 platform is a standard system for on-premise and cloud, it is easily configured for the individual business needs of the customer. This is also evident in the solutions delivered by Konica Minolta.

No one wants to spend resources on coding today. As a consequence, it is a strong selling point of WorkPoint, that we do not have to write code, but still are able to adapt to the needs of the individual customer very precisely. As an example, we have implemented a solution for systemising and automating the order processing, saving many hours a day. Simultaneously, we implemented a CRM solution for special schools, which makes it easy to oversee relations between parents, school, the council, and so on. The system also collates case files and more. That is proof-positive of the flexibility of WorkPoint

- Konica Minolta

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