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We develop and deliver high-quality business-critical solutions based on Microsoft technology with the aim of creating value.


At Simplitize, we see ourselves as specialists who focus on consulting and business development in collaboration with our customers. At our core, we have senior talent with more than 20 years of experience implementing EDSH solutions based on SharePoint and for the past 8 years, we have implemented solutions based on WorkPoint 365. Therefor, you will be working with the best team.

WorkPoint offerings

Here is a selection of the solutions Simplitize provides: 

  • ESDH solutions
  • Customer and case solutions
  • Contract solutions and digital signature
  • PMO, project and portfolio management
  • HR solutions 
  • WorkPoint as CRM, as well as document management for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Power Apps
  • And more!


Implementation strategy

At Simplitize, we use an agile implementation model focusing on continuous releases and incorporating customer feedback with every iteration. Business solutions are defined in close collaboration with the customer at the beginning of projects with ample opportunity for changes to be made along the way


Simplitize x WorkPoint customer cases:

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