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WorkPoint products and solutions

Boost productivity and value creation across the entire organisation with WorkPoint products and solutions.


Discover our wide range of innovative products and solutions for collaboration, streamlining workflows and document management


WorkPoint products:
Include an array of options for organisations to start structuring their business and digital setup. From our flagship cloud-solution, WorkPoint 365, to our highly intelligent Microsoft 365 Plugin in WorkPoint Express, as well as Microsoft 365 integrations and integrations to external solutions.


WorkPoint standard solutions:
Address key business areas critical to your organisation and can be seamlessly integrated into specific departments to meet unique needs. Our solutions are designed for easy implementation across your entire organisation, streamlining processes and boosting productivity.

Find the WorkPoint products that fit your business needs and unlock the full potential of your organisation

  • WorkPoint 365

    A modern, evergreen SaaS solution built on top of Microsoft 365.

    WokPoint 365 is a standardised and simplified evergreen SaaS solution that can be adapted and implemented to all kinds of companies.

  • WorkPoint Express

    Seamless company collaboration with WorkPoint Express.

    WorkPoint Express is a plugin that gives you the functionality you need to manage all your data and documents from a single, secure platform.

  • WorkPoint for MS Teams

    Secure and well-governed project and case document management directly within MS Teams.

    With WorkPoint's integration to Microsoft Teams, you can do all your work in WorkPoint - directly in Teams. Efficiently, structured and with governance.

  • WorkPoint Email Manager

    WorkPoint Email Manager keeps emails safe and organised with secure and automatic backup to the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

    Automated email archiving, journaling, and sorting ensure that your emails, data and attachments are always backed up, secure, and easy to find.

  • WorkPoint Integrations

    Unlock cross-product opportunities with WorkPoint integrations.

    Discover the series of integrations to not only the Microsoft 365 platform but also to well-known third party external systems.

Or you can choose one or more of our popular standard solutions that will get you up and running in record time.
No coding required. 

  • WorkPoint 365 Project Management

    Allows you to go farther, faster.

    With WorkPoint Project Management Solution built on top of your well-known Microsoft 365 solution, you will be able to cut your project costs and deliver on expectations. With task automation and a full view of project documents, your staff can focus on delivering value faster.

  • WorkPoint 365 Case Management

    Seamlessly creates cases in your well-known Microsoft 365 environment.

    The WorkPoint 365 Case Management solution enables you to set tasks, collaborate on documents, work on all your case assets, and communicate in Microsoft Teams while working in a trusted and secure environment.

  • WorkPoint 365 Quality Management

    A powerful framework for working with quality management across the entire organisation.

    A structured, scalable, and flexible solution, that will provide you with a comprehensive quality management solution designed to help your organisation stay on top of compliance and quality management challenges.

  • WorkPoint 365 Contract Management

    Prevent risk of lost revenue, unnecessary costs, unwanted renewals and potentially non-compliance or breach of contract.

    A solution that automates and streamlines all aspects of the contract lifecycle increasing the visibility, compliance and velocity of contract creation whilst reducing the complexity, risk, and operational and financial overheads.

  • WorkPoint 365 HR Management

    Professional and systematic administration of employee cases, HR tasks and processes.

    A selection of tools and functions that can be included in your HR management solution to ensure the administration and systemisation of all employee data.

  • WorkPoint 365 EDMS solution

    A solution specifically designed for public sector organisations.

    Designed for public sector organisations to increase productivity by streamlining and automating workflows while ensuring regulatory compliance.

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