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WorkPoint 365 HR Management

Professional and systematic administration of employee cases, HR tasks and processes in SharePoint Online and Office 365.


From paperwork to a people focus


From managing the recruitment process, handling CVs, job interviews, and contracts – right through to onboarding, upskilling, training, or disciplinary actions – it’s fair to say that Human Resources Managers have a lot on their plate. With all these responsibility areas comes a lot of paperwork which can easily take up time that could be spent wisely elsewhere – namely on people.  

WorkPoint 365 HR Management solution allows you to focus on the people first – instead of the paperwork. It is a flexible platform that enables streamlined and automated workflows, and it adapts to meet your HR goals. 

Key benefits of WorkPoint 365 HR Management solution


  • Close integration with Microsoft 365 and Teams.

  • Coherent structures: all data is stored in one place and can easily be retrieved.

  • Scales and adapts easily thanks to a unique modular structure.

  • Can be easily integrated with other external systems.



  • User-friendly and intuitive interface.

  • Supports GDPR compliance: minimising risks to your business and reputation.

  • Simple design makes it easy for users to navigate and find information, documents, and emails – along with employee history and signed contracts.


WorkPoint HR Management

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Simplitise data and document structuring in your HR department

Every Human Resources department handles a large number of important documents and sensitive data on a daily basis. Among other things, HR departments are responsible for managing employees’ personal information and data, such as contracts, medical documents, job applications and much more. However, keeping track of all the information about each employee can be a real challenge and very time-consuming.

The WorkPoint HR Management solution provides a simple way of structuring data and documents in HR departments and enables you to start working more systematically with daily HR tasks, processes and routines – freeing up valuable time for the department to focus on the most important resource of the organisation – the employees.

The WorkPoint HR management solution makes it easy for HR departments to create, maintain, save and retrieve documents on employee cases. The solution provides a complete overview of all documents and data related to the individual employee. Documents, mails and attachments can easily be journalised on employee cases simply by dragging the information straight into the WorkPoint Express panel in Outlook.

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