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Minimize the risk of development

WorkPoint 365 makes it fast and easy to build modular solutions – with no development or coding.

Future-proof business solution

WorkPoint 365 structures data via SharePoint and bridges to Microsoft 365 – As a result, you receive a seamless and future-proof cloud solution.

High degree of governance

Together with the automated classification and inheritance of data, oversight and control is ensured, which makes it possible to scale WorkPoint 365 for an enterprise solution.

Intelligent archiving and journaling of mails

WorkPoint makes it fast and easy to archive and journalize mails. By integrating a drag and drop functionality combined with an intuitive search tool, this saves users in many hours of systemizing their mails.

12. December 2019

WorkPoint introduces new features and functions for Microsoft Teams, Power Automate & PowerApp

The Official Release of WorkPoint 365 Version 3.6.1

Teams Integration, Digital Signature, Document Format Conversion, WorkPoint Foundation, WorkPoint Discover and Extended integration for Power Automate and more. 

We are excited to announce that the new version of WorkPoint 365 has been launched this week and is now available for your solution! WorkPoint 365 Version 3.6.1 is stuffed with new features and functions for better management of your organizations’ documents and an array of extensions for WorkPoint’s Action Management platform.

New functionalities in Teams integration for better governance

In the spring of 2019, WorkPoint introduced an integration to Microsoft Teams, and with the continuous development of Microsoft’s collaboration platform, WorkPoint has developed a set of new features which provides customers with the capability to ensure governance and structure when rolling out Teams in their organization without compromising on the dynamic and agile nature of the platform.

Get your WorkPoint webparts embedded directly in Teams

To enable a closer integration between WorkPoint and Teams, WorkPoint webparts can now be installed as individual tabs in teams and channels. Get a list of open cases or active projects with direct links into your WorkPoint solution with the list webpart, or embed the WorkPoint Search webpart for browsing of your active customers – the webparts can be configured to your business needs just as they can in WorkPoint.

Please note that the WorkPoint webparts are released to Teams in beta version. If you have any feedback on using the webparts in Teams, we would love to hear from you:

Set a template for your organization Teams

Going forward, customers are now able to define custom templates (master teams) for Teams for each of their WorkPoint business modules. The master team will define how the corresponding Teams, channels and tabs will be structured. This ensures a uniform set-up, governance and data structure across all related teams. As the master team is defined per business module, organizations can define different master teams depending on department or work area.

The integration to Teams along with the new functionalities is included in the baseprice for WorkPoint 365 Business and Enterprise. Customers with a Foundation license will also have the Teams integration included in their baseprice however with some limitations.

New possibilities with extended integration to Power Automate & PowerApp

WorkPoint has launched a new Power Automate connector along with an extension to WorkPoint’s Action Management platform. This extension gives customers the opportunity to create more dynamic and automated workflows across their WorkPoint solution, as more “trigger points” have been added across the entire system.

These “trigger points” can be used to initiate automated workflows, thus saving time and reducing the risk of errors. Super-users and system administrators will be able to define when workflows should be initiated and also to design company-specific workflows.

Digital Signature

Previously, WorkPoint has offered customers the option to integrate their WorkPoint solution with the 3rd party product Penneo in order to digitally sign documents. However, multiple tools for digital signature are available on the market, and different customers have different demands to these tools.

To support this, WorkPoint has developed a new Digital Signature option which works closely together with the new WorkPoint app for Microsoft Power Automate. This results in a flexible and smooth option which allows customers to choose a digital signature provider, which matches their organizational needs and preferences.

3rd party digital signature providers can now be integrated through the Power Automate app and the integration can be configured to match not only the 3rd party providers options but also customers’ specific business needs. WorkPoint offers customers pre-configured integration to Adobe Sign, DocuSign, Visma and Penneo so customers can get started quickly.

Digital Signature is offered as an optional feature for WorkPoint 365 Business and Enterprise customers. For WorkPoint On-Premises customers, Digital Signature is offered as a limited option with integration to Penneo.

WorkPoint Foundation and Discover

This year, WorkPoint has introduced a completely new license plan – the Foundation license – which is aimed at new customers who want to transition towards a WorkPoint solution but may not yet be ready for a full WorkPoint 365 solution.

The Foundation license offers the very basic functions of WorkPoint in terms of data structure and governance along with the new Discover feature, a whole new tool for customers to ensure continuous governance and management of their WorkPoint solutions.

The Discover feature helps identify SharePoint sites outside of WorkPoint that should be registered in WorkPoint, without customers having to carry out resource-consuming data migration.

Combine the Foundation license with a WorkPoint Express license and give users the full experience of working structured and with easy access and overview of their SharePoint sites directly in Outlook.

The functionalities of the Discover feature are aimed at IT managers in both existing and new WorkPoint customers. It is designed to identify all of the site collections on a SharePoint tenant and list the owner of the site collection, when and by whom it was created and last modified. This gives IT management the opportunity to identify not only how many site collections that are created on the organization’s tenant, but what site collections may no longer be relevant and whom they can contact to follow up on this.

The Discover feature is a key element of the newly introduced WorkPoint Foundation license and is included in the baseprice of the license. For WorkPoint 365 Business and Enterprise customers, Discover is available as an optional feature.

New functionalities for document format conversion

WorkPoint 365 3.6.1 offers a few new possibilities for converting one or multiple documents into PDF or ZIP files.

A single document can be converted into PDF directly in the document library. An additional option to this is the possibility to convert into multiple PDF-formats such as PDF/a besides the regular PDF-format. Customers can specify which formats that should be made available to their users. Multiple files can also be compiled into a single PDF or converted into a ZIP file.

These functionalities are included in the baseprice of WorkPoint 365 Business and Enterprise licenses.

WorkPoitn Release Webinar

WorkPoint will host a webinar on December 18, 2019, 13: 00-14: 00, that looks back on the key features released in 2019. In addition, the webinar will also take a look at new features in the latest release:

  • How WorkPoint integrates with Microsoft Teams
  • How Power Automate and PowerApp help create a dynamic experience
  • New features for better document management
  • New and improved extensions to Action Management


Further information can be obtained from

Simone La Fontaine

Commercial Product Manager +45 88871941