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Simplified administration of complex employment relationships at Aarhus Teater

The daily routines for employees at the theatre with access codes, work attire, and equipment, have become easier to manage for the theatre’s administration, thanks to a new HR solution. Staff members can now move in and out with more ease.


With 16 in-house productions per year and a mix of 100 permanent employees and approximately 250 contract workers, there is significant turnover in the staff at Aarhus Teater. The same employee may even be employed under multiple contracts simultaneously, such as working as a supervisor in the evening, and a theatre teacher during daylight hours.

The complexity is high but for the employees, it must be straightforward. Consequently, Aarhus Teater, in collaboration with Simplitize, has developed an HR solution that simplifies employment administration. 

”The reason for seeking a solution arose from the implementation of GDPR several years ago. We needed a solution to meet legal requirements for document archiving while simultaneously making our daily operations simpler and more streamlined. After an unsuccessful attempt with another provider, Simplitize offered the right combination of technical expertise and understanding of our organisation.”, according to Lene Christensen, HR Manager at Aarhus Teater. 

With Simplitize, we encountered the right combination of technical expertise and understanding of our organisation that we needed

- Lene Christensen, HR Manager at Aarhus Teater

A flexible solution that continues to improve

The solution, which is based on Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online, currently manages contractual relationships, and simultaneously provides the flexibility associated with having a Microsoft 365 solution.

“We chose this solution because it is SharePoint Online based, and we are very pleased with it. The fact that it is continually updated and becoming more user-friendly with time benefits us greatly. The integration with Outlook using WorkPoint 365 is also a tremendous help. When a manager needs to hire someone, they input data such as role, hours, etc., and then in HR, we locate the relevant contract and merge it with the information the manager has provided.” explains Lene Christensen, HR Manager at Aarhus Teater.

Valuable knowledge-sharing in the experience network (ERFA) 

For the HR team at Aarhus Teater, there has also been valuable exchange of ideas in meetings with other Simplitize customers.

“Simplitize has initiated an experience network (ERFA) with some of their other customers, and it has been inspiring to see how they utilize their solutions and share how each of us further develops on our own solutions.” explains Lene Christensen.

Advanced integration with the payroll system

Previously, payroll settlement could be a bit of a puzzle due to the many and changing employment relationships. The challenge has been resolved with an advanced integration to the payroll system, where each individual employment relationship is equipped with a unique key linked to employee master data. Today, at Aarhus Teater, they know that master data is always correct, while the challenge of handling multiple parallel contracts has been solved. It has required deep engagement from both parties. 

The solution we have today is a result of Simplitize’s dedication to solving exactly what was difficult in our case. The same person has worked with us throughout, and he has truly gotten to know us well, which has provided immense reassurance

- Lene Christensen, HR Manager at Aarhus Teater


Managing numerous contracts and a correspondingly complex on- and offboarding process was susceptible to errors in the theatre’s manual and paper-based setup. 


An HR solution with an archive system that handles multiple employment relationships for the same employee. Additionally, contract creation has been simplified, and the on- and offboarding process has been sped up.  


Working with employment contracts is significantly easier from creation to archiving. Efficiency has gotten a boost with consolidated master data and an automated workflow for on- and offboarding. 

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