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Dansk Installations Teknik Nyhus has all cases digitally at hand

When technicians are out on a task, all documents are available in the digital technician folder on a tablet. Updates go directly back to the office, where administrative work has become simpler and more precise.


Dansk Installations Teknik Nyhus handles tasks related to plumbing and ventilation in single-family homes and townhouses. The company operates on Fyn, Jylland, and parts of Sjælland. For the company’s technicians and administrative staff, there are many details to keep track of. 

The task of preparing materials for the physical technician folders every morning had become too much trouble. Additionally, there were days when the technicians carried information in the folder that we needed back at the office. We needed to digitize our workflows, which led us to contact Simplitize

- Dorte Mehl, Coordinator at Dansk Installations Teknik Nyhus

Easy for the technicians  

One of the defining criteria for Dansk Installations Teknik Nyhus when they were searching for a solution was that it had to be user-friendly for the technicians. 

“It’s just not enough for it to work on a PC in our office. It needs to be easy for everyone to work with. Simplitize introduced us to a case management system based on WorkPoint 365, which allowed the technicians to work within a Power App. It was a great fit for our company and convinced us.” says Dorte Mehl.

Virtual collaboration and continuous development

Our focus has been on getting the essentials in place and building from there. Apart from a single initial meeting, our collaboration has been virtual. 

”I wondered if it was really possible since they are quite far from us [geographically], but it has worked really well with Teams. We started with the minimum requirements and have gradually added things from our wishlist. The ongoing process suits us well, and having an open line to Simplitize is beneficial. Whenever I reach out, there’s a quick response, and we’re ready for the next steps." shares Dorte Mehl about the collaboration.

Better communication between the office and technicians

Today at the office, we have real-time knowledge of everything happening on individual cases. It strengthens collaboration when everyone can quickly get an overview.

“Communication between the technicians and the office has improved significantly because we are always updated. Also, it has become much easier for the technicians if, for example, an additional task comes in. They can easily find the necessary information because they have all the cases electronically at hand.” says Dorte Mehl.

Simple and easy to archive and retrieve data

Double data entry is a thing of the past, and an integration between WorkPoint 365 and Dansk Installations Teknik Nyhus’ ERP system means that all projects are created with the necessary master data directly from the ERP system. Documents are stored correctly and are easy to find.  

“We can handle cases more easily. The drag-and-drop feature and a good folder structure make it simple and intuitive to archive and retrieve documents. We have also received great assistance from Simplitize in pulling out lists on all the input we receive from the technicians. This provides a great overview, and we always know how far we are with the tasks.” concludes Dorte Mehl.


Communication between the office and the technicians was restricted by the physical technician folder. Information needed at the office could take several days to arrive, and updates on cases were difficult to access. 


For Dansk Installations Teknik Nyhus, Simplitize has developed a digital technician folder based on a WorkPoint 365 back-end and a Power App front-end, integrated with the company’s ERP system. Through a tablet, technicians have easy access to work orders, instructions, and drawings. 


Both in the office and out in the field, there is full real-time overview. Communication flows freely, and there is less waiting time. Additionally, technicians find it easier to handle extra tasks because they always have all the data right at hand. 

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