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ESVAGT & WorkPoint 365

Providing safety and support at sea, and being a market leader within offshore wind solutions, requires a reliable and flexible software platform to smooth work processes, increased collaboration, and clever document management.


Finding the right solution to meet a diverse and broad range of business needs had ESVAGT looking into several options. Yet, a very important factor in their search was the request for not needing to put unnecessary pressure on their employees and the internal side of the organisation, and not having developers sitting in-house. Now, ESVAGT have an organisation-wide WorkPoint 365 solution covering several areas of the business with efficient and smooth implementation thanks to close collaboration with WorkPoint consultants in-house at ESVAGT to facilitate the entire process. 

Close collaboration was key 

Implementing a software platform that needs to meet the requirements of several business areas and departments requires a lot of planning and careful listening to properly scope the task ahead on both sides of the table. Extra focus was put on a 'hands-on' approach from WorkPoint's consultants, being very active during the implementation phase to help super-users efficiently implement the solution into every department. It was of key importance, that in-house developers weren't going to be necessary, neither taking away too much time or focus from employees' existing area of work.  

During the technical implementation, we had consultants in-house, listening to our business needs and translating them in to the WorkPoint platform.

- Mikkel Damgaard Pedersen, Solution Architect at ESVAGT

ESVAGT shares their experience

Watch the video below with ESVAGT Solution Architect, Mikkel Damgaard Pedersen, and learn more about how WorkPoint helped ESVAGT establish a dynamic and modern workplace for employees both on land and at sea.

I consider the strongest value in WorkPoint to be - a lot of things actually - but if we should take the strongest value, it is that we can collaborate all our business documents, contracts and emails into one single platform, where we can easily manage permissions and everything else included into that.

- Mikkel Damgaard Pedersen, Solution Architect at ESVAGT

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