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Grundfos & WorkPoint 365

New WorkPoint Case Management system at Grundfos.


Founded by Poul Due Jensen in 1945, Grundfos is one of the world’s leading manufactures of advanced pump- and water solutions with presence in more than 56 countries. With an increasing amount of projects, cases and tasks, they were looking for a new case management system to replace their old system, and one of their must-have requirements was full compatibility and support for Microsoft Office 365. Looking into a Case Management solution from WorkPoint, they found a suitable match. 

Complete overview of cases 

Grundfos was not only looking for a solution compatible with Office 365, they were also searching for a system, where they could have a complete overview of their entire case management system and all it's content, but at the same time also have an overview of each element in each and every case - all within the same overview. Besides this, they also needed a system which was flexible and adjustable to make sure the solution could be adapted to their particular business needs, as well as when the organisation would grow. 

What I was most impressed by with WorkPoint is just how easy it is to build the system around it. How the architecture is build, and how scalable and flexible the system is.

- Dennis Lybæk Hansen, System Engineer Specialist with Grundfos

Impressed with WorkPoint Express

At Grundfos, they discovered a particular fondness for WorkPoint Express which is a plug-in for Outlook. As their employees were used to working in Outlook every day, users reported that they were very impressed with the WorkPoint Express plug-in, as they could simply drag and drop an email or a full email thread including attachments directly into any given case, which made archiving of communication and correspondences via email related to certain cases much easier to save and store correctly.  


Many possibilities for future collaboration

For System Engineer Specialist at Grundfos, Dennis Lybæk Hansen, the collaboration between Grundfos and WorkPoint has great potential. Especially, the module approach is appealing to Grundfos, as they are looking into a new transmittal module which allows them to lock a set of documents, which they can use in their Development department, as well as their need for a project module, which can be combined with Microsoft Teams, in order for them to use all of the WorkPoint functionalities in Teams, on each project. All while still having WorkPoint working behind the scenes, in the backend, to control the project module and ensure compliance. All which is possible with their WorkPoint solution. 

I see a bright future working together with WorkPoint.

- Dennis Lybæk Hansen, System Engineer Specialist

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