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Nellemann & WorkPoint 365

Optimisation of HR procedures through systematisation and automation of work processes with an HR solution from WorkPoint365


The Nellemann Group consists of 10 companies, each of which specialises in the import, sale, leasing and service of cars and commercial machinery in the Scandinavian market. The company has an avowed passion for motor sport and is behind the annual Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix. Nellemann is synonymous with motors. 

When Nellemann moved into the cloud with Microsoft 365 a few years ago, the aim was to optimise the digital infrastructure. Since then, WorkPoint has been added as a natural tool along the road towards making the best possible use of the digital opportunities.

I’ve had good experience with WorkPoint’s HR solution and knew it would be a perfect add-on to Microsoft 365

- Mikkel Fløj Lindegren, CIO, Geia Nellemann Group

Lifting the bonnet of digital infrastructure 

When Mikkel Fløj Lindegren started as CIO at Nellemann, it was with the aim of optimising digital cohesion in the Group. IT and HR serve as support functions across all companies, and the tightening of the rules on the storage of personal data gave rise to a look under the bonnet of the digital infrastructure.  

Many of their processes were outdated and too dependent on individuals. At the same time, it was the ideal opportunity for Nellemann to look at the opportunities for greater digital synergy across the companies.


WorkPoint on top of Microsoft 365 

With its classic Office applications, Microsoft 365 had already been introduced into the Group. So it made perfect sense to augment it with WorkPoint, which optimises the use of the many tools that, in addition to the familiar Office suite, form part of Microsoft 365. 

In the area of employees, they needed to systematise and automate their processes in relation to activities such as onboarding and offboarding. This required a common HR platform, and with CIO, Mikkel Fløj Lindegrens experience, he knew WorkPoint's HR solution would be a perfect fit for their business needs. 


Efficient onboarding and offboarding with automatic procedures for deletion of data

There is now peace of mind that nothing will fall between two stools when employees join or leave the company. The processes are the same every time, and it is all set up to ensure that everything runs automatically and just by the book.  

The moment a digital signature is added to a contract, a message goes into their helpdesk system, so they know exactly who is starting the process and where, what things need to be initiated, and so on. The same applies to offboarding.

Compliance is fully in place, and no one has to remember to involve IT or the like any more. It’s fully automated.

- Mikkel Fløj Lindegren, CIO, Geia Nellemann Group

Digital signature provides security and simpler workflows 

With assistance from our certified partner Simplitize, Nellemann has implemented a digital signature solution from Visma as an integral element of their WorkPoint HR solution. This means that when contracts are signed, the HR employee simply specifies signatories. The signing process is then initiated with a single click, and the rest runs automatically.  

The signed documents automatically end up in the right folders, and HR and managers with staff receive notifications. It's all on the platform, and there’s no need to send emails or documents back and forth. It’s much simpler and less time-consuming for everyone, and it’s a much more secure way of processing data.

- Mikkel Fløj Lindegren, CIO, The Nellemann Group

Support tools for staff managers 

Automatic notifications of anniversaries now make it easier for managers with staff to comply with the guidelines in the HR manual. Greetings and rewards are an important part of staff care, and a reminder in the system can be a great help. 

Everyone with responsibility for staff has access to master data for the individual employee, which provides a good overview. Notifications also support those tasks that require follow-up, so WorkPoint is a good support tool for everyone with responsibility for staff

- Mikkel Fløj Lindegren, CIO, Geia Nellemann Group

The challenge

An increased focus on data security made it necessary for Nellemann to create transparency and increased control of data across the Group’s many companies. At the same time, the solution provides personnel managers with an overview and supports the management task. 

The solution

WorkPoint’s HR solution was chosen as a common HR platform on top of Microsoft 365. Combined with digital signature, it has optimised all the administrative HR functions. 

The outcome

There is compliance with data security requirements, and the signing of contracts is handled more simply and more securely. At the same time, the solution gives managers with staff an overview and supports their managerial duties.

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