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Silver partner

Biztek specializes in digitizing small to medium-sized businesses across various sectors in central Norway, spanning from urban centers to rural areas, and from industries like agriculture to service professions and retail. Our commitment lies in delivering digital added value to our clients, driven by our unwavering passion for innovation. 

An organisation with many competencies

Backed by our IT consultants' extensive experience in complex projects and diverse operational environments, we bring expertise across multiple core areas. We prioritize aligning technology solutions with our clients' strategic objectives, ensuring that their business requirements and activities are fully supported. 


Implementation strategy

At Biztek, we firmly believe in the transformative power of simplifying technology. Irrespective of our clients' size, starting point, or complexity, we embark on a collaborative journey with them. We take pride in being a Microsoft Solutions Partner, and by embracing Microsoft 365 as a foundational element, we unlock endless possibilities. 

With WorkPoint's comprehensive suite of solutions, we provide a seamless avenue for integrating governance and management into the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. This enables our clients to rapidly develop and deploy meticulously managed solutions while minimizing both development costs and maintenance overheads. 

Looking for help?

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