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EDH Technology

Silver partner

We specialize in document management, invoice management and invoice scanning.


EDH Technology is specialized in Document Management solutions as well as Invoice Management and Invoice scanning. With over 300 customers in our Portfolio, we are proud to say that our solutions helped in building the foundation for an effective business process within Document Management automation. EDH Technology software solutions address the challenges that most companies are facing – such as finding the right information in a sea of documents and folders, the last version of a specific document plus the changes that took place over its lifecycle, etc.


Great strategic fit

For EDH Technology, WorkPoint is a great strategic fit for our development journey. Together, we can deliver better and more effective solutions to our customers to not only streamline their working process but also enhance business efficiency and productivity. We believe that WorkPoint 365 is the right tool within every company that wants more efficient and better-structured management of their projects and documents.


WorkPoint offerings

EDH Technology and WorkPoint 365 focus on delivering cost-effective and efficient software solutions that are able to streamline business workflows, save time, reduce administrative costs and gain control over the entire document and invoice management lifecycle.

With EDH Technology and Workpoint 365, we can complete a broader spectrum of business software solutions, for the following industries and companies:


  • Professional Services
  • Production & Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Construction
  • Retail & E-commerce
  • Legal Department
  • Energy and Water
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Media and Marketing


Our Microsoft 365 software solution is designed to easily adapt within any business environment, and streamline business processes for contract management, project management, case management, legal solutions, HR, and more.


Implementation strategy

EDH Technology 4 step implementation process is designed for a fast and smooth implementation which minimizes the human effort for both parties while maximizing the efficiency of the process.

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