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With deep knowledge of the customer's business, we combine qualified and business-developing insights with tailored IT solutions that accelerate growth for Sweden's companies.


Our Way of Working

We believe intelligently developed and properly applied IT can significantly impact a business. We leverage our sophisticated analysis methods, expert business development counsel, and leading IT competencies to uncover insights essential for crafting optimal, customized IT solutions. Our solutions are designed with simplicity to support your company's strategy, streamline processes, and enhance your customer relations and core operations.

Our offices in Malmö and Ängelholm serve clients primarily from Gothenburg to southern Sweden.


Unlock your digital potential with WorkPoint

  • Reduce Time-Consuming Tasks: Many companies lose valuable time searching for information and documents, costing about €60 per employee daily—approximately €13,000 annually per employee. On average, employees spend nearly two hours each day searching for and gathering information and documents. It's essential to use this expensive and valuable time more effectively. For every five employees, only four are productive. In Microsoft 365 apps, the average employee spends 57% of their time communicating and 43% creating.

  • Smarter Information Architecture: Most companies use Teams or SharePoint for document management, yet not all documents fit well in such architectures. While Teams and SharePoint grant group access at certain levels, an information-centric access model could be more efficient and user-friendly than a people-centric approach.

  • Using Apps for Their Intended Purposes: Teams is designed for collaboration, not for storing every type of document. SharePoint, while broader, is still focused on people rather than information. With WorkPoint, all your unstructured data is organized, accessible, fully controlled, and secured.

Enhancing Employee Experience with WorkPoint

With WorkPoint solution on top of SharePoint, you will immediately recognize the UI and benefit from the skills you have to operate the system regardless of focus. And best of all, protect the investment you already have in Microsoft portfolio and make use of all the smartnes of integreted apps.

  • Fully integrated with Microsoft 365
  • Scalable and modular solution to grow you businesses
  • Ease of use - quick adoption
  • Fits all verticals
  • Business solution
  • Contract management
  • Case management
  • Governance management
  • HR management
  • Process management
  • Project management across department
  • Quality assurance management
  • Web and app based


Empowering growth with a human-centric approach to digital transformation

At IXX, our journey with each client begins with a deep dive into their unique business landscape, marrying our rich insights and technical expertise to architect IT solutions that are not just solutions but catalysts for growth. This bespoke approach, rooted in a deep understanding of both the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation, positions IXX as not merely a provider but a partner. A partner poised at the intersection of technology and human ingenuity, dedicated to propelling Swedish companies into their most prosperous future.

Looking for help?

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