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WorkPoint Email Manager

Unlock the full potential of your organisational emails.


Manage your valuable email data efficiently and securely while ensuring easy accessibility


In today's fast-paced world, businesses rely heavily on efficient communication to stay ahead of the competition.
Although chat-based communication tools are gaining popularity, emails remain a vital source of organisational knowledge. However, managing emails and their attachments can be a major challenge:


  • Crucial information locked in individual inboxes, inaccessible to team members.
  • Difficulty in finding and retrieving important emails and attachments.
  • Compliance issues with GDPR and other regulations.
  • Limited scalability and security of traditional email storage solutions.


Our WorkPoint Email Manager goes beyond traditional email archiving and journaling solutions, addressing these pain points and ensuring that your organisation's valuable email data is effectively managed, easily accessible, and ready for collaboration. With advanced features and built on Azure services, it is designed for enterprise scale.

Key benefits of WorkPoint Email Manager


  • Automated email and attachment saving
    Utilising advanced pattern recognition, WorkPoint Email Manager automatically journalises emails and attachments based on rules you define, such as customer information, project name, or case ID.

  • Intelligent content storage
    If rules are not matched, the product intelligently determines the best place in WorkPoint to store the content.

  • Logical content structure
    Emails and attachments are stored in a well-organised structure within WorkPoint, making them easy to find and retrieve.

  • Accessibility
    Emails and attachments saved in WorkPoint Email Manager are readily accessible to those who have permissions to access them.

  • Robust permission management
    Control who can access specific emails and attachments with strong permissions management.

  • Secure and reliable
    Content is securely stored in Azure, ensuring it is always available and backed up.



  • Accessible and shareable
    Emails can be easily shared with colleagues, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. This sets WorkPoint Email Manager apart from traditional archiving solutions, which often focus only on storage and retrieval.

  • Advanced search and collaboration
    Locate emails quickly using content structure, metadata, and search functionality, and collaborate on them effectively.

  • GDPR compliance
    WorkPoint Email Manager supports GDPR compliance, ensuring that your organisation meets regulatory requirements.

  • Enterprise scalability
    Designed for organisations of any size, the product is built on Azure services to provide a scalable and efficient email management solution.

  • Collaboration
    WorkPoint Email Manager is designed to facilitate collaboration emails and attachments, allowing team members to work together more efficiently.


Keep emails secure and effortlessly managed

Do you want to keep emails secure and effortlessly managed? And do you seek for a tool that logically store and link emails to projects and cases so that finding the information you need becomes easier and more efficient?
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Transform your organisation's email management with WorkPoint Email Manager.
Experience the benefits of a secure, scalable, and intelligent solution that goes beyond traditional archiving and journaling to unlock the full potential of your email data. 

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