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Biztek Delivers Digital Value In The Nordics With WorkPoint 365


Many businesses in the Nordics still rely on outdated file server systems, so making digital change happen in a way that adds meaningful business value can be hard.

As a Senior Consultant for Biztek, part of my role is to support companies on the journey of digital transformation, selecting the right tech for the organization’s needs, and preparing them for the digital future – whatever shape that takes.

One of the digital tools I use to do that is WorkPoint 365. Here’s how Biztek implements WorkPoint 365 to make the digital journey easier for clients, helping them to go from good to better, and facilitating business growth.

- Daniel Kåven, Senior Consultant at Biztek

The not-so-modern workplace

In the Nordics, as with many other parts of the world, there are small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) locked into an outdated IT infrastructure built on silos – where data is stored in isolation by separate departments, and inaccessible to others. 

This issue is sometimes perceived as an enterprise-only challenge. It isn’t. At Biztek, we mostly work with SMBs, and they can have just as many silos as larger organizations, only with fewer people inside them. This not-so-modern workplace structure makes cross-company collaboration – and the ability to work smarter and more efficiently – near impossible. 

Lots of companies operate from Outlook, enhanced by chat-based communication, and in Teams meetings. Helping these organizations move towards more open architecture whilst ensuring business continuity and data security can be complicated. 

That’s the challenge of silos.

A framework for the future

WorkPoint 365 has the tools. It has the structure. WorkPoint 365 is the framework that prepares organisations for the future.

- Daniel Kåven, Senior Consultant at Biztek

I’ve worked in IT for more than 20 years. For the past 5 years or so, I’ve specialized in the delivery of Microsoft-based solutions to businesses across the Nordics. So I know the pain points and have seen the everyday challenges, all too often. During that time, the digital landscape of the regions has changed, albeit slowly. 

Most business leaders will admit their organization needs to be project-driven, but they’re confronted with a technical and logistical barrier: understanding how to make it happen. Often these organizations are built on the classic SharePoint server model, organized into silos, and based in Outlook.

WorkPoint offers these organizations the ideal framework for digital transformation. The appeal of WorkPoint 365 is that it’s modern enough to be future-proof (meta tagging and schemes) but classic enough to accommodate familiar ways of working (files and folders). 

But WorkPoint 365 isn’t the future. It’s technically not even the solution. WorkPoint 365 is the framework for getting there. 

Taking full control of every project

WorkPoint brings the structure needed to help organizations break out of traditional silos, sharing documents and data securely and easily across multiple departments and external collaborators. It’s a solid platform on which to build streamlined workflows – typically starting with clients and projects. 

With any project-based approach, you need assurances that files are in the right places, and people have taken the correct actions, at the right time. With WorkPoint 365, the steps and guardrails of any workflow can be clearly defined by rules, warnings, and approvals. It’s easy to configure workflows to fit your specific business needs. 

Unlike some off-the-shelf solutions where your business processes must bend to fit the tool, a WorkPoint 365 solution can be built around you. For example, if you already have naming convention for projects, they can be easily applied in WorkPoint 365. 

Customizable templates mean that how users see a project is the same every time – right across your organization. With each one pre-built to your agreed project standards – including risk matrix solutions customized to your needs – WorkPoint brings a layer of standardization to every MS365 environment. 

Bringing workflows inside WorkPoint also reduces the chances of human mistakes. As a standardized document and process management platform for Microsoft 365, WorkPoint 365 helps Biztek customers to move forward on their digital journey. 

In fact, whatever our clients’ project management, document management, or case management needs, WorkPoint has got it covered.


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