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Learn To Trust Your Microsoft Copilots With WorkPoint 365

Fears around the integration of generative AI in people’s everyday digital tools are real. But are they unfounded? One of the key concerns is data security and the potential for AI to unintentionally surface incorrect or private information. Trust is top of the agenda.


Over the next year or so, organisations with a Microsoft 365 strategy can expect increasing and enhanced AI assistance in the form of Copilots. It’s tech that’s set to transform efficiency and productivity in the modern workplace. But will it keep your data safe? Here’s why WorkPoint 365 customers can trust their Copilots. 

Your data is your data

Microsoft 365 Copilot uses Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) to ground user data with context, feeding a Large Language Model (LLM) with the prompt and context. Trained on a large yet limited dataset, it connects with your business data in a secure and compliant way to protect privacy. Prompts given to Copilot are enriched with two things: your content and context:


  1. Content: With real-time access to your data in the Microsoft Graph, Copilot’s responses are dialled into actual content – data from documents, emails, calendars, chats, meetings, contacts, and other sources
  2. Context: This is more about the overall picture of you as a user – like security access, and interactions across the organisation, from which it can infer the relevance of the content.


Here’s the really clever part. Copilot determines the intent behind user prompts, so it can find relevant organisational content. Not only does it deliver relevant results to specific users, it also applies your security policies straight out of Microsoft Graph.

Microsoft’s principles for responsible AI 

The other reason why organisations put their trust in Copilot is that Microsoft has developed a set of principles around responsible AI. These have been around for some time now, so here’s a recap/summary: 

  • Fairness: Microsoft is committed to developing AI systems that are fair and avoid bias. 
  • Reliability and safety: Microsoft develops AI systems that are reliable and safe.
  • Privacy and security: Microsoft pledges to handle user data responsibly and securely in accordance with privacy regulations.
  • Inclusivity: Microsoft aims to create inclusive and accessible AI systems for all individuals.
  • Transparency: Microsoft aims to provide clear and understandable information about how its AI systems work.
  • Accountability: Microsoft is committed to being accountable for the impact of its AI technologies. 


WorkPoint 365 creates trust in Copilots

Organisations with a WorkPoint 365 solution have an extra layer of security over Microsoft 365. Laying structure, rules, and governance over all your documents, data, and users, WorkPoint 365 supports a ‘just-enough access’ policy. When Copilot follows a user, it ensures they do not access irrelevant data. Only approved organisational data is accessed and leveraged – no matter where it’s stored or which file format it’s held.


To discover how a WorkPoint solution can help your organisation to become AI-ready, read our guide or book a demo.