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Case Management Brochure


An intelligent solution to manage all types of cases and documents across your entire organisation


Managing and keeping track of cases can be a very challenging task for organisations of all sizes. Especially, as cases typically consist of numerous documents and large amounts of data, and no two cases are identical. Therefore, there will always be different scenarios that need handling in different ways. 

But with the right software solution implemented, you can create your own case management framework, completely tailored to your needs, and flexible enough for you to adapt simple automated processes to fit each and every type of case. With our Case Management solution, it will keep track of all your case related email communication, case status, necessary action required, as well as case history. This will ensure high quality and uniform case management, supporting routine processes while upholding compliance. 


In this brochure, you'll find information on some of the unique features in our Case Management solution, such as: 

  • Automatic version management complete overview of projects, cases, and tasks with your own WorkPoint dashboard build into SharePoint Online.
  • A well-structured template library making it easy to create new documents for your cases. 
  • Efficient email communication management with archiving directly from Outlook and a 'drag and drop' function.
  • Advanced search features enabling your entire organisation to quickly locate and retrieve information whenever needed. 
  • And much, much more. 


Download our WorkPoint Case Management Brochure here