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Contract Management Brochure


Efficient and structured contract management across your entire organisation


Managing contracts sounds easier than done. A lot of back and forth communication is often required before reaching the signing stage, not to mention preparation, negotiations, legal matters, as well as proper and compliant storage of contracts which often times can include personal information. With our Contract Management solution, you'll be able to efficiently manage all types of contracts across your entire organisation, as well as document management and proper archiving of contract related email communication. 


In this brochure, you'll find information on some of the unique features in our Contract Management solution, such as: 

  • Proper structure to ensure uniformity and high quality throughout the contract life cycle.
  • Intuitive stage management during the entire contract life cycle, helping distribute responsibilities and tasks. 
  • Automatic version control with recording and documentation of all changes, supporting easy management of approvals. 
  • WorkPoint Express plugin helping contract managers to solve several contract related tasks directly from Outlook.
  • And much, much more. 


Download our WorkPoint Contract Management Brochure here