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Microsoft Teams Integration Flyer


Add structure to your Microsoft Teams and take full advantage of all available features with WorkPoint


With Microsoft's continuous development of their Teams platform, it's becoming very obvious that Teams is the chosen and preferred communication- and collaboration platform for many organisations worldwide. Teams offers its users a platform for easy and dynamic collaboration with an intuitive interface, developed for a multitude of devices, such as smartphones, tablets and PCs. Yet, underneath the very user-friendly interface, lies a very simple and unstructured data model, which can very quickly become a big challenge for organisations, especially regarding data governance, compliance, and data management lifecycles. 


In this brochure, you'll find information on some of the key benefits in our Teams integration, such as: 

  • Generating Teams directly from within your WorkPoint solution, and therefore, eliminating the need to add users manually or worrying about where data saved and shared through Teams will end up.
  • Automating team creation for every new project or case you create, and apply your own security settings ensuring compliance at all times.
  • Actively manage the creation of new teams within Teams, to prevent uncontrolled sprawling of teams and corresponding SharePoint sites. 
  • And much, much more. 


Download our Microsoft Teams Integration Brochure here