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Project Management Brochure


Efficient and structured project management with a central overview of all projects, workflows and tasks in one place


To successfully drive projects and finish within deadlines, it's a must to have a continuous and complete overview at all times of status, progression, and tasks completed, as well as upcoming tasks. Not to mention total management of all stakeholders involved in the projects. To drive a project is no small feat, yet with the right software solution implemented to help you, processes can be smoother, more streamlined, and more efficient. Furthermore, it can minimize the amount of wasted time, as well as decrease room for typical errors. 


In this brochure, you'll find information on some of the unique features in our Project Management solution, such as: 

  • A complete overview of projects, cases, and tasks with your own WorkPoint dashboard build into SharePoint Online.
  • Complete integration with Microsoft 365 making it possible to management your projects directly from any Microsoft 365 application - and on any kind of device, such as smartphones, tablets and PCs.
  • Optimised security with your own governance rules, ensuring GDPR compliance and reducing risks.
  • Intelligent and automated metadata tagging.
  • And much, much more. 


Download our WorkPoint Project Management Brochure here