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26. May 2021

Energi Viborg & WorkPoint

Energi Viborg now has a new, modern case and document management system based on Microsoft 365 and WorkPoint.

A utility company is subject to strict requirements for keeping records, case management and data security when working on a daily basis with cases concerning citizens. This also requires a high degree of flexibility, as there is not only a need for collaboration across the different supply units and with external partners but also the possibility to ‘seal shutters’ between the units at certain times in order to keep data separate.

In this new solution, Energi Viborg has acquired a user-friendly and flexible means of case handling, which makes it easy for the individual employee to manage different kinds of cases and projects, and to find and save content for a long time. The system also helps support the current work processes in a transparent way and is easily operated from a mobile, tablet or PC.

In addition, the collaboration and sharing of content with colleagues and external partners has been made both simple and secure.

Focus On Employees

From the outset, Energi Viborg has been aware that replacing a business-critical system represents a change in the way employees work, which is why users from all departments have been involved in the process from day one, and there has been a strong focus on training and education in the use of the solution after its launch.

It was also quickly decided that implementation should take place in three stages, to make sure that employees could quickly access the solution and gain experience in its use. This approach also provided an opportunity to adjust the subsequent stages based on feedback from users. In the first stage, the following focus points were agreed:

  • One single system – where everything business-critical is saved
  • It must be easy to save and find content
  • Simple access via different devices: PC, mobile and tablet
  • Simple sharing and collaboration with internal employees and external partners

In the weeks leading up to the launch, a group of superusers was established, and new guidelines were written, including determining where Energi Viborg saves which file types across the entire Group and locally in the individual departments which were communicated in great detail to all users.

After the launch, differentiated training was offered to all employees + access for everyone to the help portal, including guides, videos and news.

According to CEO Mette Urup, this focus on the involvement and training of employees has paid off. She

“From the outset, we’ve been aware that the implementation of a new IT system required a great deal of effort from the entire organisation, but with the strong focus we’ve had on involvement and training, users have taken the change onboard amazingly well.”

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