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Exciting Announcement: Partnership with Biztek


We are exhited to announce our latest partnership with Biztek, the leading experts in digitalizing small to medium-sized businesses in Mid-Norway. With a passion for delivering digital value to customers, Biztek specializes in providing tailored solutions to businesses across various sectors, from industry to agriculture, and service professions to retail. 

"We are delighted to announce that Biztek AS has entered into a partnership with Workpoint. This partnership will enable us to offer our customers more innovative and efficient ways to manage business processes and workflows. We look forward to working with WorkPoint, and are excited to show the solutions and capabilities that this partnership will bring,"

- Roger Aakerholm, CEO, Biztek.

At WorkPoint, we understand the importance of staying ahead in the digital world. With the inclusion of WorkPoint 365 in Biztek's offerings, businesses can now access a comprehensive platform to tackle organisational challenges with ease. Biztek's approach to digital transformation aligns perfectly with our core values. Together, we will guide businesses on their journey towards digital success, leveraging scalable cloud solutions and strategic IT consulting. 

"As we were seeking new partners to support our expansion into the Norwegian market, the decision to partner with Biztek was an easy one, given their extensive experience with complex projects and modern expertise in various digital areas. Biztek focuses on ensuring that technological needs are aligned with business requirements. They specialize in digitizing medium-sized businesses in central Norway, always striving to provide digital added value for their customers.,"

- Jesper Holdt, Partner Recruitment Manager, WorkPoint.

Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey with Biztek. Together, we'll pave the way for digital innovation and business growth. 

Our Partner Promise

In our collaborative journey, your success is our shared triumph. Our partnerships are founded on pillars of trust, confidentiality, and joint efforts. These commitments serve as success criteria, fostering mutual dedication and ensuring outstanding results. Welcome to a partnership where your achievements are at the heart of our shared success story
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