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Exciting Announcement: Partnership with IXX


We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with IXX, a visionary leader in business-driven IT advisory services. With a mission to drive businesses to new heights through insightful advice and tailored IT solutions, IXX brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our collaboration. 

We immediately noticed the high level of professionalism and enormous competence within the WorkPoint team. They have solid experience in identifying customer needs, and they know exactly when a request cannot be handled with a traditional SharePoint solution. We're very excited about the elaborate partner program we'll be going through with onboarding, trainings and much more. We look forward to getting started with our partnership!

- Thomas Rexer, Master Architect, IXX

At WorkPoint, we recognize the importance of partnering with experts who can effectively deliver our solutions to businesses. IXX's dedication to proactive business development and deep understanding of customer needs make them an ideal partner to bring our innovative solutions to the Swedish market. 

From our initial meeting with IXX, we immediately sensed the deep value they bring to their business. Their team includes highly qualified individuals with a deep understanding of business dynamics. As business advisors, IXX stays ahead of the latest technological developments and trends, enabling them to offer smarter solutions to their clients' challenges. WorkPoint complements IXX perfectly, and we eagerly anticipate contributing to the accelerated growth in the Swedish market.

- Jesper Holdt, Partner Recruitment Manager, WorkPoint.

From the team at WorkPoint, we eagerly anticipate the opportunities this partnership will bring and look forward to a successful collaboration with IXX. 

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