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Welcome to Simplitize

A new strong WorkPoint partner


Jesper Kjærsgaard is in charge of the consultancy Simplitize, which with WorkPoint as the focal point will help companies with a streamlined digital transformation.

What does a housing association, an offshore company, a food wholesaler, and an accounting company have in common? According to the founder of Simplitize, Jesper Kjærsgaard quite a lot. Regardless of industry, companies have the same business challenges, and although the content is different, the tasks are the same: there are processes that need to be digitized, documents and information to be archived correctly, governance in terms of security, GDPR to be respected and much more.

Not just good business understanding, but also no less than 17 years of experience working with SharePoint and 7 years of experience working with WorkPoint solutions, gave enough reason for Simplitize to bet 100% on WorkPoint.

For me, the technology and the work of designing the right solutions for customers means everything, and our team of five WorkPoint consultants is a daily joy.

- Jesper Kjærsgaard, Founder of Simplitize

Perfect timing for Simplitize

According to Jesper Kjærsgaard, the timing of this partnership is perfect, as Simplitize is penetrating the market really well right now. Covid meant that a lot of companies were forced to use Office 365, and this has been chaotic for them. Employees have suddenly had to work at home and need the Office 365 tools to work. Also, there’s a need to handle the increasing amount of knowledge produced in different locations. Simplitize will help make the Office 365 platform simpler to work in, simplifying workflows and ensuring a consistent structure, whether it’s cases, contracts, or Teams.

Simplitize is very successful in offering customers an easy way to get started with a standard WorkPoint solution:

Governance in 365 is big now and our solutions are sold as hot bread. For a relatively small amount you can get started, and especially the full integration with the Office suite appeals to many, since WorkPoint is so easy to use. Finally, the use of Teams has exploded during Covid, so governance on that part is also in demand.

- Jesper Kjærsgaard, Founder of Simplitize

18 notes databases replaced by WorkPoint

In their customer base, Simplitize spans widely. From companies with typically 200 employees to e.g., Grundfos with several thousand employees, where Jesper Kjærsgaard has just completed a huge project for the pump manufacturing company.

There were several WorkPoint partners involved in the project, but the part Simplitize was responsible for meant that they replaced 18 Notes databases with a WorkPoint 365 solution. For example, their entire test program of pumps, valves and components is a large hierarchy, where there are a lot of workflows, phases and people involved when 50,000 tests in the United States, Hungary, Denmark and China need to be migrated. Here, WorkPoint 365 became the backbone of the whole project and with automatic workflows and power apps implemented, and they got an overview.

It’s been an exciting project, and one I’m very proud of.

- Jesper Kjærsgaard, Founder of Simplitize

A success without a doubt

Simplitize has offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen, and Sales Director at WorkPoint, Michael Buades, is looking forward to the new partnership and collaboration. 

Jesper and Simplitize’s skills within WorkPoint are known from previous jobs, so it is a really strong partner. Simplitize’s business is built around solutions implemented in WorkPoint 365. They know the product in and out, have a lot of case experience and are dedicated to solving the business challenges many companies face. We have high expectations for Simplitize and I think they can be an inspiration to others ift to create a business based on WorkPoint, therefore we are very much looking forward to working with them.

- Michael Buades, Sales Director at WorkPoint