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17. January 2018

Systemised and Strategic HR Management with WorkPoint

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A strategic HR department is key to ensure future improvement and development. However, it is important to understand that HR Management does not just refer to the supportive role of administrating employees, but also assists in providing a strategic direction. By systemising the process for allocating ressources and gaining an overview of all internal processes,  HR management has developed into an essential disiciplin for creating transparency across the entire organisation.

In this article, you can learn more about how to structure your HR Management tasks with WorkPoint. WorkPoint’s Delivery Manager, Morten Stenderup, has great experience working with HR Management solutions. He highlights some of WorkPoint’s key features for systeming HR tasks. Also, how the HR solution can be used for creating a strategic foundation.

Systemising HR Management:

Time-saving processes & professional overview

First and foremost, the objective is to cover the basics. Before even considering implementing any strategic initiatives, HR Departments need to establish an overview of their everyday tasks. WorkPoint’s Delivery Manager, Morten Stenderup says,

”In my experience, time is everything. Time is an underestimated strategic element, especially since HR Departments often are pressured by deadlines and periodically high workloads. Therefore when we are designing solutions, our focus is always on how to provide time-saving processes, that also supports the overall HR-workflow – Which always starts by systemising everyday HR tasks such as recruiting, maintaing policies, updating records and much more“.

Pertaining to WorkPoint’s HR Management solution, Morten Stenderup highlights its dashboard and its document system, as key features in supporting HR departments with time-saving task solving.

“Organisations are very often excited of our HR dashboard, since it presents a complete and user-friendly overview of all HR processes. Another big WOW-factor is the document system, that allows HR departments to qucikly find and retrieve all personnel cases regarding illness, contracts and other informations for the individual employee. The document system is also a great tool for the GDPR, since it has efficient system for automating processes for the classification and tagging of documents and data.

As Morten Stenderup mentions, the management of personal data and information has become an important matter. In order to comply with the upcoming GDPR requirements, organisations need to classify and structure their flow of information. As HR departments are responsible for personal employee information, they are especially in need of a system, that takes new regulations and rights into account.

The GDPR will be active from the 25th of may – Click here to learn more about the GDPR.

Strategic HR Management

Putting together the strongest team & the influence of analytics

Once the basic is covered, and there is implemented a system for efficient administration of HR tasks, then organisations can start to focus on how to strategically allocate resources. One of the more difficult tasks, is how to allocate the right people for the right individual assignments.

Morten Stenderup adds that WorkPoint HR solution helps organisations to use their resources optimally.

“Given that the system provides an overview of skills, qualifications, educations and courses, it is much easier to assign employees to specific tasks. For instance, if you are about to integrate ISO-certified processes, then you can quickly start mapping out employees that have competices or experience within the ISO-certification area.”.

Besides an overview of individual competencies, the HR soulution also provides a systematic overview of performance appraisals and personal plans of actions. This allows organisations to track improvement and to set future targets for the individual employee. This is a very useful feature for putting together a strong team. You can also see wheter there has been an action plan put in place, as well as a summary of what was agreed upon in the latest dialogues.

Management with strategic decisions and initiatives

According to Morten Stenderup, HR Management has over the last couple years developed into a more vital part of the organisation.

Usually, it has been labeled as a more supportive department for administrating basic employee tasks. Many organisations have now realised how HR management can help enhance their businesses.

“With the development of analytics, HR departments are now starting to provide management with strategic decisions and initiatives, that are based on data and metrics.This makes their argument much more compelling, and allows HR departments to become an even bigger part of the organisation”.

The WorkPoint Solution has also identified this tendency, and designed a solution for extracting HR-reports.

“At WorkPoint, we have also integrated analytics, as organisations are able to create and extract reports of their workflows, KPI’s and much more“.

Learn More of WorkPoint HR Management

You can find more information on HR Management – Click here to learn more

For further questions regarding the article, please contact Head of Marketing, Trine Petersen