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Getting Ready For Microsoft Copilot? WorkPoint 365 Helps You Prepare For Take-Off

AI can do two things for your business: enhance productivity and innovate new solutions. Whichever way your organisation opts to implement AI assistants – such as Microsoft 365 Copilot – it needs to be AI-ready.


But what does AI-ready mean, exactly? What does AI-readiness look like? And, how do you lay the groundwork for successful human collaboration with AI ‘Copilots’? 

Here’s how to ensure your organisation is ready for AI.

What do we mean by ‘AI-ready’?

Being AI-ready means your organisation is prepared for integration with AI technologies. An AI-ready organisation can safely deploy, run, and benefit from AI tools and assistants like Microsoft 365 Copilot. 

Before letting AI loose on your documents and data, three AI fundamentals need to be in place: data governance, data quality, and data security. To prepare for integrating AI into daily tasks, organisational processes, and data need to be in good shape.


Why is AI-readiness important?

The power and potential of Microsoft Copilot within everyday digital tools like SharePoint, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint require data that’s clean, reliable, and secure. Providing AI with access to incorrect, or private, data could quickly lead to disastrous consequences for your business. Put simply, the quality of an AI assistant’s output is determined by the quality of the input.


From unintentional data breaches to the dissemination of incorrect information, AI-readiness is important for mitigating risk, and enabling an organisation to take full competitive advantage of AI assistance. Thankfully, there are strategies and digital platforms – like WorkPoint 365 – that can be deployed to manage risks, and smooth the path to successfully working alongside Copilots. 

How can your organisation become AI-ready?

For most organisations, the key to becoming AI-ready comes down to one thing: data. By getting their data – and the governance of that data – in order, organisations ensure they are ready for AI. 


Gartner emphasizes the importance of having lighthouse principles around the implementation of AI – a set of guiding values that define the relationship between humans and machines. AI-ready data needs to be:

  • Secure
  • Enriched
  • Fair
  • Accurate 
  • Governed


Prepare for Copilot with WorkPoint 365

Being ‘AI-ready’ is crucial for organisations aiming to harness the benefits of AI technologies. It involves a combination of technical infrastructure, data management practices, and organisational readiness to implement AI.


For organisations with a Microsoft 365 strategy, WorkPoint 365 adds a layer of security and governance over the top of data and workflows. That includes Microsoft 365 Copilot. Rather than giving Copilots access to all content, WorkPoint 365 enables organisations to restrict access to approved content only. Also, process automation supports robust document approval systems to keep private data secure.


At the same time, document generation functionality automatically seeds documents with metadata such as a project ID, project manager, stakeholders, and summaries. This helps AI to learn what documents are about, speeding up information access, and retrieval. 

To discover why a WorkPoint solution is the ultimate enabler for safely and successfully implementing Microsoft Copilots, read our blog on enabling Microsoft Copilot through WorkPoint 365.