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Big investment in Danish municipalities

WorkPoint and partner ProActive make a big investment in modern case and document management solutions for Danish municipalities


The market for electronic case and document management solutions (in Danish: ESDH) for the Danish municipalities has for many years been characterized by the same handful of suppliers, all based on ageing technological platforms from before modern cloud-based productivity solutions such as Microsoft 365 existed. The regulatory requirements for the solutions mean that it may take a lot of investment for new players to get started, but Fellowmind (formerly ProActive) and WorkPoint are ready to invest in this market.

Thorough evaluation of the market

After thoroughly evaluating the municipal market for case and document management solutions, Fellowmind (formerly ProActive) decided to expand their long-standing collaboration with WorkPoint through a joint investment in a ground-breaking ESDH solution to Danish municipalities. 

The ESDH market is characterised by ageing, legacy silo-based IT solutions, and with cloud-based solutions such as WorkPoint 365 solutions, Fellowmind in collaboration with WorkPoint address a dire need for innovation of modern and dynamic case- and document management solutions in the muncipalities. 

We believe that we can offer a new solution and a new concept that can take over 25% of the market within the next 5-6 years.

- Max Sejbæk, CEO at ProActive

WorkPoint 365 on top of Microsoft 365

Acccording to Peter Jørgensen, CEO of the Danish software company WorkPoint, WorkPoint 365 is a modern cloud-based and modular solution that provides users with a modern working environment and at the same time gives municipalities, unlike in the past, 100% ownership and control over their own data. WorkPoint 365 is a proven solution that is in operation in 100s of installations.

WorkPoint 365 meets all the usual requirements for the case and document management, but it’s also a true Microsoft 365 based solution that allows you to take advantage of all the Microsoft platform’s elements, such as Teams, Power Platform, Outlook, and Office. The advanced functionality of WorkPoint, combined with integration to both Microsoft and other systems, provides unprecedented flexibility to take advantage of already acquired Microsoft software. It is a great impediment to other case and document management solutions that they are a silo that needs to be integrated with the municipalities’ other tools and thus does not give users very good experiences if, for example, they want to take advantage of the opportunities with Microsoft Teams.

The venture is causing a stir and recognition from Microsoft. Christian Fredslund-Andersen, Industry Lead – Government, Health & Municipalities in Microsoft Denmark says:

The venture from ProActive and Workpoint will simplify workflows and create better user experiences for the users. And it all happens by leveraging the platforms that customers have already invested in. Through our close cooperation, we will create a more coherent data structure while operating in a stable and secure infrastructure. It makes so much sense, and it’s entirely in line with Microsoft’s ambitions to maximize the value of customers of their existing platforms.

- Christian Fredslund-Andersen, Industry Lead – Government, Health & Municipalities, Microsoft Denmark

Continued collaboration and partnership

The partnership between ProActive and WorkPoint combines state-of-the-art functionality with Denmark’s strongest service organisation. ProActive has already implemented more than 50 WorkPoint 365 solutions, including some in the public sector.

The joint investment is a natural continuation of the partnership, allowing ProActive to harness its strength on the Microsoft cloud, and document and case management know-how in an exciting market with great development potential.

- Max Sejbæk, CEO at ProActive

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