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Project Management solution

Unlock Efficiency with WorkPoint: Streamline project estimates, plans, schedules, reports, and deliverables effortlessly. Say goodbye to scattered documents and disjointed systems. Our Project Management solution empowers you to slash costs, exceed expectations, and accelerate value delivery.


Boost productivity and value creation with WorkPoint Project Management


Project documentation is crucial for aligning company processes, informing decision-making, and ensuring project delivery. However, it often gets neglected when schedules are tight and priorities change. This may be due to inefficient processes or inadequate software.

To avoid this challenge and to ensure successful project delivery, the WorkPoint Project Management solution allows you to transform paper-intensive and manual processes into digital ones. This digitisation and automation of your work processes as well as document generation will increase your productivity and value creation by saving precious time and reducing errors.

Accelerate Your Journey: Unleash the Potential of Strategic Project Management for Rapid Progress

  • Improve knowledge worker productivity
    Up to 40% gains by avoiding time wasted searching for the right document.

  • Increase consistency and reduce errors
    Staff can easily find the right information which makes their work more consistent with fewer mistakes and rework.

  • Improve employee satisfaction
    Knowledge workers are happier when spending more time using their skills and less time searching.

  • Avoid rework
    When it’s easy for staff to find and use the correct documents and templates, you ensure that the job is done right the first time.
  • Stay compliant
    Stay compliant with regulations and avoid costly penalties. Reduce risk by ensuring compliance, information security, accuracy, and audit-ability.

  • Facilitate work from anywhere
    Regardless of the access point, workers can easily find the right information from any device. Also while working offline.

  • Speed up routine work
    With process automation you can improve the efficiencies of your business processes and allow your users to focus on the tasks at hand.

  • Leverage master records accuracy
    Integrate your line of business system so that you are working with the correct and most accurate information. Our smart document generation also ensures your documents contain the right information.

WorkPoint 365 Project Management

Learn how the WorkPoint Project Management solution can add value to your business.
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Discover the Perfect Fit: WorkPoint Project Management

Your Ultimate Project Management Solution


  • Our project management solution extends the capabilities of your well-known Microsoft 365 solution. This means that your employees can use familiar tools and features to manage their projects more efficiently and effectively, which drives adoption.

  • Being a no-code solution means you will be up and running in no time.

  • By choosing WorkPoint's Project Management solution, you are maximising your investment in Microsoft 365 and ensuring that you always have the latest features and updates.

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